by Elizah Leigh
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What’s Adrien Brody been up to since he won an Academy Award for Best Actor in The Pianist eight long years ago? You could say that he’s been dabbling in all sorts of quirky, low-key celluloid fare — anyone catch his turn in Splice, The Darjeeling Limited or The Singing Detective? My point exactly.

Fortunately, his no-holds-barred inclination toward Method Acting has been encouraged in Hollywood, and with a steady roster of gigs under his belt (including work in random high profile films like Fantastic Mr. Fox), the future looks bright for the 37 year old New Yorker.

Naysayers likely rolled their eyes when they first heard that Brody was cast in Robert RodriguezPredator sequel, with the actor even acknowledging that he knew that he was “not the obvious choice” but was nevertheless committed to “deliver(ing) a level of truth and authenticity” to the role of Royce.

Brody was so eager to throw his heart and soul into his performance that he chose to pass on the typically cushy accommodations provided to film stars in favor of sleeping in an open jungle hut located in the middle of countless acres of lush Hawaiian rainforest, a dwelling which lacked protection from the elements as well as air conditioning.

Focusing 100% on the development of his character without distraction, Brody elected to exercise extreme discipline by meditating, following a strict diet, giving up sex, exercising like it was nobody’s business and subjecting himself to a high level of physical discomfort, resulting in a fully fleshed out portrayal which critics say will set the bar high for the action film genre.

If living in the jungle has the power to transform the average looking Joe into a buff Adonis, Jungle-style Brody-cising might just become the next hip lifestyle fad to sweep the nation ;)

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