by Daelyn Fortney
Categories: Entertainment.

Serious game developer VSTEP and PC-based strategy game publisher Paradox Interactive have recently announced the next installment in their popular Ship Simulator series. Almost three years in development, Ship Simulator Extremes allows players to become virtual ship captains who tackle realistic missions on the high seas.

A notable feature in the new game lets users take part in ecological missions by captaining the Rainbow Warrior III—a vessel that is being custom built for Greenpeace International. Taking things a step further, VSTEP and Greenpeace have teamed up to offer one lucky player the chance to sail aboard the real Rainbow Warrior III on one of the vessel’s maiden trips when she launches in October 2011. Simply purchase the Ship Simulator Extremes – donation edition and you are automatically entered in the contest.

In addition to hunting down whalers, captains in Ship Simulator Extremes can experience intense situations that include facing severe storms or saving people from an oil rig explosion. A wide array of vessels are available to pilot from Coast Guard interceptors to luxury cruise liners.

Ship Simulator Extremes is scheduled for released on August 24, 2010.

  • Hart

    Now they can fundraise hundreds of millions of dollars to unfurl a banner in virtual reality too!

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Yeah, or they could raise millions of dollars and spend it on expensive weaponry to make a TV show and commit violent crimes and then park their multi-million dollar trimaran under the bow of a Japanese research vessel and then send one of their deluded thugs on board that vessel to be arrested and gaoled for his crimes… while galvanising Japanese resolve to continue researching whales.

      Actually sounds like a more interesting game to be honest.

      • From MN, with hope…

        You just can’t leave the topic on Greenpeace. Actually, I can respect your determination. If the Japanese leave the IWC than you and all at Inwood’s PR office are out of a job. No more need to go online and try and defend an obviously barbaric thing.

        And Sea Shepherd themselves never bought the Earthrace boat. It was Ady Gil who bought it, and I guess leases it to Sea Shepherd, because that is what he(the whore mongering producer, there now you don’t have to go through your book and find it) wanted.

        Truth be told, I agree with you as long as you’re talking about Greenpeace, although I don’t believe they own a trimaran, and I think that they are too hollow-gutted to do that. They do nothing other than hang banners. But they do have a louder voice in government actions than Sea Shepherd.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Wow you’re optimistic if you think that Japan leaving the IWC will be the end of the matter. Can you really envision the Sea Shepherd thugs accepting such a loss of their huge whaling cash cow? Of course they won’t. They can’t afford to. Without whaling, Paul Watson doesn’t get his precious publicity and the huge income. And without publicity and the mega bucks, Paul Watson would have no reason for getting out of bed.

        When the IWC compromise fell through, there was only one winner. It wasn’t Japan. It wasn’t the prohibitionists.

        It was Paul Watson and his enormous bank account.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Just because Japan would leave the IWC doesn’t mean that Sea Shepherd will stop their anti-whaling activities against Japan. Nothing would change other than the whalers scraping RESEARCH off their ships.

      • Hart

        The “acts of violence” that you’ve imagined are about as real as Greenpeace’s anti-whaling campaigns.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Same as kimi’s theories about Paul cashing in these campaigns. Why can’t you just accept that there are good people in this world that are willing to do what it takes to stand up for what is right kimi?

        … and to anybody who cares/who is in control, this new way of indenting every reply is a tad annoying.

  • From MN, with hope…

    I have the 2008 version of this game, and the missions, graphics, damages, and physics are all TOP NOTCH. I am really looking forward to this. I wonder what other ships will be in that game. I wonder if banners will also be in this game…

  • joe

    lol “extremes”? obviosly someone hasnt seen whale wars. maybe next edition will have the steve irwin and bob barker. now that would be fun. plus the money would go to stoping whaling, not ad campaigns.