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Last fall’s Whale Whores episode on Comedy Central’s hit series South Park generated a lot of press for the Sea Shepherd — but not in a necessarily good light. Based on previous comments, it’s a well-known fact that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone consider Captain Paul Watson to be a liar and a fake. In a DVD commentary for the episode, they delve a bit deeper into why they’re against whaling, but just can’t get behind what the Sea Shepherd are doing. Hence, they decided to mock the hell out of them in the Whale Whores episode. Check it out below.

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  • Cora

    Lots of ignorance on South Park’s behalf… Animal Planet does the editing and the show, not Sea Shepherd.
    They really didn’t look into Sea Shepherd.

    • Cbrooks

      Thats exactly what I was thinking when I listened to it. Plus, when they touched on the crane breaking in the first season a few times, I don’t really think that they have an appreciation for what a harsh climate the southern ocean is. Saltwater corrosion and freezing conditions does take it’s toll on metal and delicate equipment like the cranes hydraulics. The numbers of whales saved over the past 6 years speak for themselves.

      • Hart

        Anyone who says something as intellectually immature as, “I was opposed to whaling until I saw Whale Wars” is probably somebody who creates or watches a cartoon about talking feces. Their little show promoting conservative apathy and oversimplification of complex issues is brain candy for high school dropouts and gas station employees.

      • anonymous

        I was against whaling until I saw this show. It made me actually think about whaling and how I felt about it.

        And I realized that I have no specific objection to whaling.

      • Cho cho ma

        So you think it is ok to shoot a harpoon in a whales back and watch it bleed to death for 20+ minutes? Do you think that is ok just so an increasingly small market of people can have their little whale steaks?

      • Mick

        Cho cho ma,

        “ increasingly small market of people..”

        What has evidence leads you to that conclusion? From what I have seen, as well as my own personal experience, the demand for whale meat is increasing. I had some fried Minke whale last Sunday night. It was absolutely delicious! It was so good that I will buy as much as possible every chance I get.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        @Mick – Spoken like a true, heartless, antagonizer!

      • Mick

        @Gavin MacQueen

        A “heartless,antagonizer”? Not at all. The fried Minke meat WAS delicious. Better than beef, in fact. It didn’t have a speck of fat in it. I would really recommend that you try it if you get the opportunity. However, whale sashimi is not very good. Cooked whale meat is the way to go.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        OK if that’s intellectually immature, what are your thoughts on Paul Watson’s fairy tale about jumping on a whale that had been harpooned and looking into its eye and exchanging cosmic telepathic messages?

        Do you have a word for that too?

      • georgina0912

        Kimitake, he did not say that. He said that the harpooned bull whale looked back at him, and then he felt pity from the whale, but not for himself who was slowly bleeding to death, Watson thought the whale felt pity for human kind. Don’t we do a lot of anthropomorphizing with our own pets all the time? What is wrong with interpreting the whale’s reaction that way? Isn’t that what moves some humans to do kind things for animals?

        That moved him, and now he is doing a lot to help whales, while others think of nothing else but themselves.

        Where did you get the “cosmic telepathic messages” bit from?

      • RadicalOmnivore

        There’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact that it’s schmaltzy branding to bilk the gullible and has nothing to do with Conservation.

        In the end, even folks who hate whale eating think Watson has been the worst thing for whales in thirty years. face it, he’s in it for himself.
        Nice work-and groupies- if you can get it.

  • AnimuX

    The commentary on the DVD (which apparently has popped up on youtube) unfortunately appears to be the result of uninformed opinions, which makes sense. One of the unique aspects of Whale Wars is the fact that most people had no idea whales were still being hunted much less that eco-activists were physically trying to stop it.

    The South Park duo clearly state they don’t like the show because it builds up emphasis on seemingly unimportant events and doesn’t edit out all of the ‘screw ups’. What they don’t know is that Sea Shepherd hands over editorial control of the footage to Animal Planet. So the activists don’t get to paint a pretty picture of themselves. They’re shown at their best and worst and there are mistakes and let downs a plenty. After all, the volunteers are not a military force or a group of ex-commando soldiers of fortune. They’re just random people tagging along with anti-whaling lifers like Paul Watson.

    Parker and Stone also express disapproval and disgust with the founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson. Without care or knowledge of the long and controversial history of Watson they immediately denounce him for the much debated ‘was shot by whalers’ incident on Whale Wars. Whether or not the incident was planned for the cameras or not, Watson has candidly stated in the past that the theatrics of his public persona (including the funny suits with lots of patches and badges) are strictly intended to gain the attention of the media. Otherwise, the world’s media outlets would simply drop the whaling issue completely and move on to something more sensational like the latest Lindsay Lohan episode of self destruction.

    Overall, Whale Wars has been ultimately successful in bringing the anti-whaling movement back to life. This level of awareness has not been seen since the old “Save the Whales” movement died out. South Park and other creative criticism has all played a role in rising ratings which can only do good for the whaling problem (regardless of what happens to Sea Shepherd). The more people learn about the whaling conflict the better. Public opposition to whaling is growing.

    • Hart

      Very well articulated, these two guys sit in their million dollar condos making a cartoon. Sea Shepherds are risking their lives to protect ocean wilderness. There is clearly desperate jealousy in their mocking criticism.

  • Cho cho ma

    Remember Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the same people who make fun of people with very serious mental and Physical disabilities. They have no class or morals. They also fail to mention the results that Sea Shepherd do get in reality, futher displaying their ignorant attitudes.

    • AnimuX

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with their opinions other than they’ve made knee-jerk reactions to the “Whale Wars” show rather than evaluating and commenting on the whaling industry and conservation efforts.

      South Park is supposed to be an offensively funny comedy program and one of its best qualities is the fact that it criticizes everybody and everything equally.

      • Cho cho ma

        SHUT UP YOu IDIOT!


      • Michael Raymer

        And I tend to lose respect for those who view handicapped people as defenseless or who are incapable of taking their rightful part in this world. And that means taking all of it. I would, respectfully, request that you check yourself, Cho, and take a look at your position on this.

        Animux, I wish this was a board with “rep points” because I woud give you as many as possible. Everything you said above was on point and very well said.

      • Cho cho ma

        I never said they could not defend themselves. I never said handicapped people could not take their rightful place in this world. I suggest that you stop putting words in my mouth. You are basically saying that it is ok to make fun of the handicapped. I do not really understand your logic here considering I have been involved in volunteer work with the disabled. My mom even works with the handicapped as her job and has done so for years! I have met her students! I tend to lose respect for ignorant people like you Michael Raymer.

      • Michael Raymer

        Cho, if you can’t read your own post, quit wasting everyones time. Last sentence of your 3:18 post: I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF THOSE WHO CAN NOT DEFEND THEMSELVES. Your first sentence of your 12:01 post: I never said they could not defend themselves.

        OK, which is it? And how did I put words into your mouth that weren’t already there? And why is this type of hysteria so typical to your posts?

        I don’t work with handicapped people, but I have, and have had, many friends with handicaps and disabilities. The last thing any of them wanted was to be treated with condescension. In fact, they would often be the ones to get the humor ball rolling with me. Respect does not have to lack humor. Of course it takes a sense of humor to realize that.

    • Adam

      Careful when you step down. It’s a long way from that high horse of yours.

    • Stephen R. Fletcher

      Cho cho ma, do you even watch the show? If anything, characters with serious mental and physical disabilities are usually shown in a more sympathetic, if not, positive, encouraging light. Recurring disabled characters like Timmy and Jimmy are shown to be full fledged human beings, because Trey and Matt feel they are just that. None of the other kids make fun of them for their disabilities and treat them as equals. There has also been positive reactions within the community of disabled people who watch the show and they certainly don’t need you, looking down on them, thinking they cannot defend themselves.

      If anything, you’re just plain immature and ignorant for shouting at someone and calling them an “idiot” for disagreeing with your opinion. What if a disabled person disagreed with you? Would you also shout “Idiot” to them too?

  • Hart

    I agree with their take on the overhyped drama that animal planet does, but I do not agree with their opinions of SSCS.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Of course, they have a point about Watson being a liar and a fake. They also have a valid point about the astonishing incompetance of Watson and his thugs. But they seem to have completely missed the point of the sheer immorality of their violent crimes.

    It was also disappointing to see them fall into the “we don’t like whaling so we’re going to bring up WWII”. Not only that but they made a mockery of the nuclear massacre of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Paltry.

    But I suppose we should be happy that the Sea Shepherd Criminal Syndicate is being slightly exposed in the American pop-psyche. If it gets Americans to consider who these thugs really are and what they’re atually after, then I suppose it’s a small price to pay.

    • Hart

      Nobody cares what Japanese poachers think. You’re lucky you’re not in Africa. They shoot poachers dead there.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Please stop using the term “poachers”. It implies illegality, which is erroneous as the Japanese research mission is entirely legal including its operations within the so-called Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

      I think the lucky party here are the Sea Shepherd thugs, because if they were messing with any normal country they’d have been blown out of the water with military power a long time ago. Ask Greenpeace about the French, they’ll tell you.

      • georgina0912

        Kimiiiiiii…one of the definitions of poaching is “to take fish or game from a forbidden area” and even though the Japanese can legally hunt, they do it in a whale sanctuary under the guise of “scientific research.” For all intents and purposes they are poaching.

        You should list all the progress the Japanese have been able to achieve by researching what whales eat and how much their stomach contents weigh. Maybe then we would be able to see things your way, long shot, but you can try it.

      • georgina0912

        Forgot to say a very important word: LOOPHOLE!!!!!!

      • David

        If you want to call it a ‘loophole’ go right ahead. Because if it is a loophole then that means it is legal.

      • David

        Sorry georgina but they are not in a forbidden area so I guess they are not poachers.

        Try reading ICWR Article V.

      • Whitefish

        Are you insinuating that Japan is not a normal country? Whose side are you on Kimitake?

    • Whitefish

      Good thing to see the Japanese-Yakuza-Whaling criminal enterprise being seared into the American pop-psyche too. See we kill two birds with one stone (issekinichou)

  • Mkay

    The real thugs are the Japanese poachers in the Southern Ocean Whale sanctuary and this next season Sea Shepherd is going to shut them down big time . I do agree that the world war II deal in southpark was regretable .

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  • David Deutsch

    @Hart – stumbled upon this board via Google and knew the “shoot the poachers” comment was you even before I saw your name :)

    Miss you on the FB WW boards….

  • Cho cho ma


    • Cho cho ma

      Looks like some person wants to be me. Too bad I was sleeping at 8:07am on June 25th. Come on, use an original name.

  • Bencat1000

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone sound like angry, crazy people with a significant dose of immaturity mixed in. Who would actually say “I was hoping the Japanese would go and kill some whales” just to spite Paul Watson? What childish lunatics these two are. Someone needs to send them to the corner.

  • Whitefish

    Any idea what Matt and Trey have done to better the world besides enriching themselves? Easy to criticize when you sit on you ass and poke fun at everyone but yourselves. Seems they don’t even have a sense of humor when it is turned back on them.

  • Cho cho ma

    A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

  • Cho cho ma

    Mick, the Nippon Research Center found in 2006 that 95% of the Japanese never or rarely eat whale meat. It has been documented in recent years that there is a more than 20% surplus in whale meat.

    • David

      So they are planning to import more whale meat so they can throw it away?

      • Adam

        Everyone knows the Japanese are killing for meat… How many freaking dead whales do you need for research?

      • David

        About 1000 a year. It is simple statistical math. Try educating yourself.

    • Mick

      @Cho cho ma,

      “..the Nippon Research Center found..”

      Good for them. However, when the local grocery store gets some whale meat in stock, it sells out the same day. Clearly, it is in demand and people are buying it when it’s available. I can verify this personally.

  • Pat Fenis

    After reading through the assorted whining and moaning from you humorless little dweebs, I feel even more strongly in favor of South Park.

    In particular, I enjoyed the comment from the waste of DNA who wondered what Matt & Trey’s contribution to society had been… as if this worthless douche had some great accomplishments under his belt (aside from being an internet troll, I mean). Priceless.
    Their contribution, for your information, is a cultural icon that is frequently in the news, that touches upon timely sociological and political issues not touched by other shows… and that clearly had enough impact / merit for YOU to feel compelled to leave a comment here.

    And for those who think south Park ‘makes fun’ of mentally challenged people, clearly you missed the point (shocker!).
    The mentally challenged people they are poking fun at are usually celebrities, Scientologists, David Blaine or lying sacks of crap like the Whale Wars captain, but their portrayals of people with Down’s Syndrome, for example, are not at all unkind.

    Just as you schmucks accuse South Park’s creators of making fun of Whale Wars without taking the time to research and understand the show, so, too, do you judge South Park without grasping the context and history that most excellent and insightful show. Which makes you pathetic little hypocrites.

    For those of you who ARE aware of the show’s history, yet are still here bitching about this or that episode, that makes you even more pathetic, because you clearly have no problem with the show until it targets your own little taboo subjects.

    Oh.. and in case you hadn’t noticed… it’s a fucking cartoon. If you don’t like it, change the channel and get over yourselves.

  • stevan

    i’ve got to agree with the above guy. i, like most, think that whaling is wrong. though not because whales are so fucking cute but because their populations are getting to the point, in many cases, that genetic diversity is getting dangerously low. most of the peta wankers basically just love cute animals. this pains me to the very core of my being. the captain, paul watson or whatever, is an ignorant windbag with very little grasp of reality. seal numbers (another thing he talks about endlessly) are very stable yet its the worst thing in the world. meanwhile vast numbers of reptiles, birds, and ugly mammals are going extinct because of habitat loss. this is a rant but really! And as for the conclusion of the episode, it brings up how everyone would be cool with killing cows and chickens instead of whales and dolphins, it is genius. there is so much truth in this and goes to highlight the cultural ignorance we sometimes show (eating dogs is barbaric!) anyways i hate you peta and your shitiness will not impede my love of mother earth.

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