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To say that Sting has been as busy as a bee would be a serious understatement. The former Police front man and current musician renaissance man does a little of this and a little of that without skipping a beat.

Somewhere in between his Symphonicity Tour, ongoing Rainforest Foundation fundraising efforts and plans to turn Dr. Dickson Despommier’s upcoming book The Vertical Farm into a documentary, the rocker has found the time to become a patron of the Bees for Development Trust.

What’s really noteworthy about Sting’s latest cause is that he’s supporting the development of sustainable beekeeping around the world which will also help to alleviate poverty in third world nations – talk about being a two-pronged humanitarian, eco-savvy project!

Our ongoing ailing bee populations certainly need all the help that they can get. Scientists continue to be dumbfounded regarding the exact reason why these incredibly essential pollinators continue to suffer from Colony Collapse Disorder (um, pesticides anybody?), but some are pointing toward the one-two punch of a virus coupled with a fungus which could be responsible for losses of between 30 – 90% of hives since 2006.

British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s just made the headlines with their ambitious plan to maintain 38 rooftop bee hotels, which will only help to shed greater light on the mission of Bees for Development (…of course, Sting’s high profile status doesn’t hurt, either).

Remember folks, we REALLY should care about what happens to these insects because they pretty much ensure the longevity of our food supply—in fact, the NRDC says that they’re responsible for bringing 30% of global crops to fruition.

Let’s hear it for Sting and his Bees for Development cohorts – they’re restoring the buzz to sustainable beekeeping in a way that helps Mother Nature’s pollinators as well as those with traditionally compromised financial circumstances to thrive once again.

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