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Water Under Bridge: Kilmer's Public Apology Yields Thumbs Up For New Mexico B&B

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val kilmer bed and breakfast

Have you been hanging on the edge of your seat…wonderingwaitinghoping that things would work out alright for Val Kilmer since early June’s news that he was technically barred from converting part of his 6,000 acre New Mexico ranch into three tourism-friendly guest houses?

Good thing that we’ve been hot on the news trail, because things were looking a little dicey for the Bad Lieutenant actor, reportedly due to an old grudge (…ahem…hurt feelings) that neighbors and the San Miguel County Commission had following some…er…derogatory comments that Kilmer made about the place he has called ‘home’ for well over a decade.

Claiming in a 2003 Rolling Stone interview that 80% of New Mexico’s residents are “drunk” and that he lives in the “homicide capital of the Southwest” clearly didn’t make the actor any friends, which held up development plans on his property.

In a gutsy move, Kilmer made amends by actually attending a San Miguel County Commission hearing in the flesh, offering a sincere apology for previously hurtful remarks he made about New Mexico which were apparently taken out of context, explaining that, “I can only ask that you view my apology as a stepping stone toward repairing this misunderstanding between us so that we can go forward, working together toward a common interest in promoting and protecting our beloved New Mexico.”

Despite one resident rejecting Kilmer’s efforts, branding the 50 year old a racist and a bad neighbor, the commission felt that it took a lot of guts to make a public apology and ultimately gave him the thumbs-up to move forward with his development plans.

In the meantime, Kilmer is in the process of temporarily donating his land for the benefit of Santa Fe Film Festival fundraising efforts, so he’s certainly got a lot of karma points working in his favor!

Via New York Daily News

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