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Actress Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton took to the roof of Australia’s Sydney Theatre Company to celebrate the start of the theater’s $5.2 million solar power installation project. The company plans to install 1,906 solar panels which will be capable of providing 70% of the theater’s electricity needs.

”As a cultural institution we want to be engaged in what is the most important issue that is facing us as a species, that is, climate change,” Blanchett, who serves as the theater’s artistic director, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Once the project is complete, the Sydney Theatre Company will hold the title of the second largest rooftop solar installation in the Land Down Under.

The rooftop solar installation is part of the Blanchett’s Greening the Wharf initiative which aims to demonstrate how all buildings can be made more sustainable.

  • Jessica

    I first watched her as an Aussie in Little Fish and I thought WOW! Then as a English schoolteacher in that English film (cant remember the name) and obviously English as Elizabeth. Recently I saw her in Indiana Jones as a Russian with a black bob. She is really goregeous, are their any other movies starring Cate I should see?

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