Juggling single parenthood, a deep commitment to environmental causes and a prolific career as a rockin’ songstress hasn’t slowed Sheryl Crow down…in fact it only seems to have inspired her to keep reaching for the stars. Mother to adoptive sons Wyatt Steven and Levi James, the 48 year old is releasing her seventh soulfully-tinged studio album on July 20th, entitled 100 Miles From Memphis.

In honor of the multi-Grammy Award winner’s latest musical effort, we thought we’d highlight the many ways in which Crow’s concert tours are green with a serious side of Momma Nature:

Phew — she’s not messing around! Check out her recent Green Music Group ad below and hopefully you’ll be inspired to continue supporting artists that turn their time in front of the spotlight into something that truly benefits far more than just their bottom line.

Via Reverb

  • http://blog.babyganics.com Linda Sullivan

    Always wondered where sheryl crow had gone. i always loved her music, dont you guys think so?

  • sonya

    B20 is 80% petroleum based fuel. You don’t neutralize your energy consumption by supporting renewable energy sources. You either consume it or you don’t. Staying at home is neutralizing energy consumption. Many of the benefits we derive from our way of life, and our high standard of living, are due to fossil fuel use. Light, heat, food, communication, travel, community — all are based on our ability to produce and use energy. And most of our energy, about 85%, comes from fossil fuel. (Another 8% comes from nuclear power, and 7 % from all other sources, mostly hydroelectric power and wood.) Sheryl Crow and others can pretend to be crusader rabbit all they want, but unless they stop driving, heating their home, and eating; they are consumers of FOSSIL fuels. The day will come, but it is about 100 years down the road. Can you spare me a square, Sheryl?

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