by MPD
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We all know that the recent BP oil spill has created a massive amount of drama for the environment, but Mother Earth isn’t the only one hurting.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) — America’s largest conservation organization —  is hoping to raise awareness for the countless animals whom have been affected by the spill in a new PSA.

In the video, a young woman’s ‘perfect world’  is destroyed when oil consumes her everyday, This, of course, representing the catastrophic results of the BP oil spill on the lives of animals.

We think it’s great that the NWF is working hard to help the many species threatened by this absolute tragedy! May the force be with you!

Check out the short video PSA below and stop by to learn about the ways you can get involved.

  • Brian Singer

    Hi, thanks for your amazing comments on this. We produced this PSA independently and it is not sanctioned by the NWF. We hope that it brings awareness and they do decide to officially adopt it. Thanks for your support on this! – Brian Singer

    • Brian Singer

      Updating as of June 29, 2010. The National Wildlife Federation has now endorsed and adopted this PSA. Thanks for all of your support!

    • Michael

      It’s awesome to see supporters take the ball and run with it, that’s why social networking has become such an awesome media tool. Thanks Brian for your passion and time to help bring to light what has been a slow motion train wreck and to you Michael for helping to distribute. More attention and more action as a result of this tragedy is all we can hope for, we need some good news and fast.