Diehard vamp-geeks will swear up and down that Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which took its final bow in 2003) and its spin off Angel (which passed on just one year later) both paved the way for our current cultural crush on all things undead.  There’s no denying that fangs and blood are deeply embedded in our pop culture conscious (pun definitely intended) when you consider the popularity of the Twilight films as well as HBO’s broodingly brash True Blood, the BBC’s highly addictive series Being Human and to a much lesser degree, the CW’s passable Vampire Diaries.

On the heels of the news that vampy heart throb Robert Pattinson has 15th century Vlad the Impaler’s blood coursing through his veins, it only seems fitting that we report that his fellow countryman Prince Charles of Wales has just acquired a Transylvania property which is nearing the final stages of renovation. Tuck this away in the amazing but true files: like Pattinson, the Royal Family – including Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry (all of whom are real-life distant relatives of the Twilight celluloid vamp) — also share a genealogical line with Vlad the Impaler, who became the model for Bram Stoker’s infamous Dracula.

Located in a far off part of Romanian in the village of Zallanpatak, Charles’ new five bedroom, 150 year old farmhouse – which boasts heated floors, an adjoining stable and 37 acres of pristine land harboring wildlife such as brown bears, lynxes and (appropriately) wolves – will be a vacation getaway and offered up to visitors when the Prince returns to his home base. Yes, there is a ‘green’ edge to this story! The perennially eco-responsible hubby to Camilla Parker-Bowles – who has for the past 30 years championed sustainable causes including the Start initiative — has been actively campaigning to ensure that his new property’s surrounding land will “be protected by sustainable development.”

Via Daily Mail