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retinal definition

If you wanted to sell someone on the wonders of high-definition television a couple years ago, the solution was as easy as flipping the channel to Discovery. The network’s embrace of the then-new tech was the perfect way to showcase the medium — and it’s safe to say that the HD Planet Earth series inspired more than a few to race off to Best Buy to pick up a new set.

As we’re all well aware, technology never sleeps — and if you think high-definition is as good as it gets, prepare to have your eyeballs melted by “retinal definition”. In an interview with The Huntsville Times, Discovery founder John Hendricks briefly remarked on the future tech the network has in the pipe.

“We’ll continue to see the rollout of 3D TV and the clarity and definition will improve,” Hendricks said — referencing their recent deal with SONY. “A big milestone will be RD-TV – retinal definition. It’ll be like looking out a window. We’ll continue to have large viewing platforms (standard TVs) but we’ll also witness the growth of personal media like tablets (such as the iPad). You can lean back and enjoy (TV) passively – in your bed, on the porch, wherever you want.”

To be honest, I have no idea what “retinal definition” television stands for; and there’s very little online that references it. So either Hendricks is letting drop this new tech for the first time, or he’s been reading too much about Apple’s “Retinal Vision” display for the iPhone. Either way, considering how stunning high-def programming generally appears right now, knowing there’s something beyond that’s akin to “looking out a window” is pretty exciting.

Just please, don’t let Oprah narrate whatever you use to debut this eyeball-melting future tech.

via Huntsville Times

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