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If you enjoyed Matt Damon’s “forceful” charity campaigning on HBO’s Entourage, you’re going to love this new PSA from 1Goal featuring the star; along with Jessica Alba, John Legend, and Shakira.

The campaign is a an effort to make education for the 72 million children out of school a lasting legacy of the 2010 Word Cup.

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Whoa, Ecorazzi supporting human causes?

    What gives?

  • georgina091

    Kimi, fancy meeting you here!

    Yes, Ecorazzi is not only talk about animals, but you would not know that because you only visit pro-whaling-related posts.

    • Linda Sullivan

      Lol at georgina.

      Last time I checked, isn’t this world supposed to be interrelated? People caring for nature should definitely care for people too. Apathy knows no species or cause…

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