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'Buffy' Star Slaying Grim Chimpanzee Outlook With Charitable Adoption

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Just two days after reminiscing about Joss Whedon’s dearly departed cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, none other than former librarian and Buffy-watcher Rupert Giles has made the headlines.

The British actor who portrayed the belovedly stuffy father figure – Anthony Head – has enjoyed a thriving career since he staked his last vamp, including varied roles in the mind-warping romp Little Britain, Dr. Who, Merlin and even the unlikely portrayal of the grim reaper in Repo! The Genetic Opera.

A longtime vegetarian, Head – whose brother Murray Head famously scored an 80s one hit wonder with “One Night In Bangkok” – is following in the footsteps of fellow animal supporters like Bob Barker with the adoption of  an abused circus chimp named Naika through the wildlife conservation charity Care for the Wild International (CWI).

The fortunate primate, who will be living out her days in a Kenyan facility called Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, is one of the lucky few. As is far too often the case, chimps end up living in captivity, become victims of poachers who sell their flesh on the black market, are used in medical testing facilities or face the challenges of survival as their natural habitat is cleared for human development.

You might imagine that animal adoption is a costly endeavor, but CWI makes it incredibly affordable at just 24.95 GBP ($37.61 USD) each year which is a far cry from the $17,000 yearly bill that Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles racks up at Florida’s Center For Great Apes. We applaud Head for shining the light on chimpanzee adoption and hope that others will follow suit given the fact that it is a charitable effort that can be easily accommodated into most any budget.

For a little comic relief, take a look at the famed British actor in one of his more notable roles as the Prime Minister while being serenaded by Little Britain‘s gaga Sebastian (played by the incomparable David Walliams)!

Via Community Newswire

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