Depending on your political affiliation and views on animal conservation, you either love Bristol Palin’s mother or you hate her. Sarah, who continues to win over the public vote by sharing her increasingly skewed perceptions of how the environment should be addressed (recently commenting that extreme greenies are truly to blame for the Gulf Coast oil spill), probably knocked back a fifth of vodka when she learned that her then-17 year old unwed daughter was in a family way.

Somehow in spite of it all, the former Governor of Alaska rose from the scandal to enjoy impossibly lucrative paydays from book contracts, Fox political commentary and dumbfounding recognition by TIME Magazine as one of 2010’s Most Influential People in the world.

But what about new teenaged mom, Bristol?  From her appearance on ABC Family’s ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ to her new role as the Candie’s Foundation Teen Abstinence Ambassador, it seems like she’s emerged from the dust relatively unscathed.

Then again, maybe not now that PETA has entered the picture. The somewhat disgruntled animal rights organization – irritated that Sarah Palin told the media that she and her hubby “never met an animal they didn’t like – to eat or shoot” – decided to target her daughter with a series of belated gifts.

Among their offerings to Bristol were two books penned by PETA’s President Ingrid Newkirk, a letter peppered with animal-friendly advice and a hot-off-the-presses satirical 30 second ‘Sex Talk’ video clip that uses the new mom as metaphor for today’s household pet overpopulation crisis.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman explains: “Just as the Palins came under scrutiny because of Bristol‘s pregnancy, people who fail to spay and neuter their animal companions should also be feeling the heat. No one should be bringing more animals into the world when millions of deserving and wonderful cats and dogs are literally dying for a good home.”

A strategic snip here and there is absolutely necessary given the fact that an estimated 3.7 million animals were euthanized in U.S. shelters (in 2008 alone), but one has to question whether PETA should consider adding a team of ‘sensitivity specialists’ to their permanent staff who raise the red flag for all future advertising campaigns that contemplate using teens, no matter how uninformed their life decisions may be.


  • L. Pic.

    Didn’t watch the vid, but that’s fucked up if they are targeting a then 17 year old girl because of her mother’s beliefs. Even targeting her now is still fucked up as, as per the article she never said any blatant anti animal shit.

  • Ashisbaby17

    Sarah Palin uses her daughter as a puppet. The only thing the daughter is guilty of is letting her mom do it. It is wrong for them to target her however her mother is clinically insane. The fact that she is part of an organization that supports a ban on all forms of birth control and even got it on the ballots in Colorado is just irresponsible. The video was pretty funny although I don’t see how it relates to the Palin family aside from the parents lack of safe sex views. Poor Bristol never even had a chance at having decent parents.

  • 25thcenturygirl

    why should bRistol palin only benefit from the spoils of celebrity but none of the negativity?

    She could say no to acting offers and the Candies Foundation and quietly raise her child in the relative peace and quiet of Alaska, but she wants to be a public figure.

    This is what happens to public figures in America. You take the good, you take bad and there you have the facts of life.