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'The Last Airbender Is So Awful' Review Highlights

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It’s not a stretch to think of M. Night Shyamalan’s new film The Last Airbender as a kind of live-action Captain Planet. People who control the elements and one person who can control them all sounds very similar to our blue-skinned superhero. Granted, nothing in this film has to do with saving the earth, but we’ve been enjoying the “visual elements” nonetheless and hoping for a cool flick to come out of it.

Or not. In fact, it appears as if we may be looking at the worst movie of 2010. Things are so bad, that Airbender is currently only managing a 5% review rating on Rotten Tomatoes. To put that in perspective, M. Night’s last terrible film The Happening actually has an 18% approval rating. Here are some review highlights:

“The Last Airbender lays there, stillborn, potential squandered… a sad indicator of just how completely Shyamalan has thrown away his own gifts, the last stop on what has been a very disappointing career arc.” — Drew McWeeny

“Nothing short of an incomprehensible fiasco. If one must go see it, avoid the 3-D version like the bubonic plague.” — Dustin Putnam

It’s bad, as in “Wild Wild West” will no longer be considered the nadir of July 4th weekend releases. It feels off from the get-go and never gets its footing or a sense of balance with the material.” — Jim Judy

“Where’s the fun? We’re talking about characters that can throw fire and water. Where’s the excitement and sense of wonder?” — Bill Clark
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