If your summer plans include making the trek to Universal Studios Hollywood for a little harmless escapism entertainment and you aren’t at all fazed by the daily $88 ticket price, then here’s a little spot of good news for you. In addition to enjoying perennially popular attractions like their Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster and Simpsons-inspired theme ride, the park is now unveiling a dynamic new experience plucked straight from the mind of filmmaker Peter JacksonKing Kong 360 3-D, based on the not-exactly well received 2005 remake of the epic ape flick starring comedian Jack Black, Aussie beauty Naomi Watts and newly crowned action star Adrien Brody.

Fans of Universal Studios Hollywood probably recall that a previous incarnation of the Kong legend existed in the park until a fire destroyed it two years ago, but its photo-realistic 2 ½ minute $200 million replacement is apparently better than ever. Here’s what visitors can expect:

An extra bonus for all the greenies out there – the behind-the-scenes components that control Kong 360 3-D’s movements, light and sensory goodies are all controlled via compressed air-conduction tubes, making for an entirely oil-free process (aside from the diesel powered trams). Film geeks might appreciate the Jackson-narrated dialogue below which details what went into making this new entertainment experience. Enjoy!

Via Daily News