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Pit bulls get a pretty bad rap and, sadly, are often the first to be euthanized in shelters.

To help raise awareness for this generally lovable breed, long-time NY-based activist Jenith Mateja recently launched Art For Pitties — a collaborative project showcasing over 30 artists and their work.

Here’s how it works: Throughout the entire month of July, each artist will design a piece of original art or a one-of-a-kind tote bag. The individual art projects will then be auctioned online during the month of August to raise money for San Diego-based pit bull rescue and advocacy group Even Chance.

What’s more, all of the artists involved in the initiative are either pit bull owners or outspoken advocates for the breed. We like!

To learn more about the project or to get yourself some amazing arty-art, stop by, and check out all the amazing stuff. Because, really, what’s better than helping some lovable, misunderstood animals and scoring a new piece of fancy art!

  • Dog Realist

    You are kidding,right?

    Do some research.This breed is on the whole a brain dead unpredictable killing machine.
    You should apologise to all the families whose loved ones,and cherished pets, have suffered and died as a result of their known deadly flaws.

    Ecorazzi can well and truly hang its head in shame with this one.
    Not only are pit-bull supporters delusional,they are dishonest.

    Using various ‘re-badged’ names to protect this breed is a low act.

    “Jenith Mateja-Plummeting Denial To A New Low.”

    Pit bulls give ALL dogs a BAD name,period.

    • Michael d'Estries

      My sister has had a Pitt Bull for the last 10 years and the dog has never been anything but gentle around pets and children. It’s great to see what “Art for Pitties” is doing for these wonderful animals.

      • Dog Realist

        I hope your sister enjoys her game of Russian canine roulette.

        Perhaps the ‘artists’ can raise some money for poor misunderstood pet rattlesnakes,gangsters and third world tyrants.
        God knows they need are love and help.Google dog attacks in the USA.or Maybe deaths by pitbulls etc.Here’s a taste.

        “In recent years, the dogs responsible for the bulk of the homicides are pit bulls and Rottweilers:

        “Studies indicate that pit bull-type dogs were involved in approximately a third of human DBRF (i.e., dog bite related fatalities) reported during the 12-year period from 1981 through1992, and Rottweilers were responsible for about half of human DBRF reported during the 4 years from 1993 through 1996….[T]he data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities.” (Sacks JJ, Sinclair L, Gilchrist J, Golab GC, Lockwood R. Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998. JAVMA 2000;217:836-840.) ”

        This came from ;

        “Through January 20, 2002, the log of life-threatening and fatal attacks showed that pit bulls had committed 592 (45%) of the 1,301 total attacks qualifying for inclusion, including 280 (21%) of the attacks on children, 222 (60%) of the attacks on adults, 51 (34%) of the fatal attacks, and 321 (45%) of the maimings and disfigurements.”

        Your turn to do some homework girl,I’ve done mine.

      • Shaun Roberson

        You have obviously not done enough homework. If you had, you would know that the breeds with the most attacks/fatalities has changed throughout history based on popularity(overpopulation, neglect, etc).

        You also need to realize that “45% of all deaths” translates to a few dogs out of literally millions in the country, so it isn’t nearly as staggering as it sounds. You are still more likely to be killed by lightning, bathtubs, or falling coconuts than by a “pit bull”….”Pit bulls” are also the most misidentified breed group out there, and many of those reported in attacks are mutts.

    • georgina0912

      To say that the “breed is on the whole a brain dead unpredictable killing machine” shows the limited knowledge you have of the breed. I have never owned a pittie but i do want to someday.

      My ex-fiancee had two, Chico and Pele and they were the sweetest dogs ever. They used to be off-leash, they were friendly, and they were really nice dogs. This was about 13 years ago and the guys are long-gone, but, meeting them changed my perspective on pit-bulls. Fast forward 15 years and my friends “J&L” have a baby-girl, Buddha, 7 years-old, and all muscle and all sweetness. Like them, my friend “H” just lost her companion of many years, a pit-bull called odyssey.

      Don’t get me wrong, if you see a dog of their size coming at you, you will probably sh*t your pants just like it happened to me two weeks ago when i attempted to rescue a German Shepherd that was roaming around in the middle of the street and then barked at me, but one can never generalize about anything in this day and age. That shows how uninformed people really are.

      We just need to remember that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners, and shame on the owners for giving the breed a bad name.

      • Dog Realist

        I totally agree with owners having a big responsibility.
        You are in denial,if you think the pit bull is not a dangerous breed.Look at the dog laws in Australia.
        All down to successive pit bull attacks.
        Some were cute and cuddly family pets.They snapped.
        Pit bulls snap,often,far TOO often.
        The breed should be banned everywhere.

        Yes,lots of small dogs are responsible for unacceptable behaviour,and they of course should. be dealt with,on a case by case basis.

        However a dog with jaws which are made to crush and lock,and a brain conditioned for generations,to send a signal to NEVER let go??
        The dark history of pit bulls far outweighs their ‘potential’ to toe the line.
        You won’t miss what you can’t have.

        Get a dog who is ‘mans’ best friend,not your personal ego massaging,status symbol.

        Pit bulls are a known, unpredictable, killing machine.
        Which part of that do you think is acceptable to ignore?

      • georgina0912

        Any dog is potentially dangerous, and that is why the Dachshund is considered the most dangerous breed out there; why you ask? Because they are prone to bite with very little provocation. Now, i know you are going to say that the damage they cause cannot be compared to the damage a bully breed can do, and that is correct, however, you need to do a look up for Pit Bulls who are doing a great deal of community work, helping kids with disabilities, or visiting nursing homes, or simply being the goof-balls that they are, under normal circumstances that is. When you stop focusing on the negative of the breed then you will be able to see all those things. And if the case is to find only the bad in dogs then we should all be aware and afraid of all breeds not just Pit Bulls.

        Do you have dogs? What kind of dogs? How do you treat them? Do you keep them chained all day long without human interaction? Do you train them to be vicious or do you treat them like part of the family so they grow to be unafraid of humans? Do you teach them boundaries? That is all there is when you are talking about bully breeds. I had my own, a Rottie called Valka who was the sweetest dog ever, and she did not grow up amidst violence; therefore her sweet nature.

        Say what you want Dog Realist, i am not changing my mind just because one person believes everything it is written out there about Pit Bulls; i can’t, not in my personal experience.

        Have a good day. That will be all.

    • Scarlett

      Dog Realist, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. I think you did too many psychedelic drugs in the ’60’s and you haven’t come down yet. Pitbulls can be warm and loving. They give back what they receive. I totally support this cause.

      • Dog Realist

        “Scarlett,said on July 7, 2010 at 1:04 am

        Dog Realist, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. I think you did too many psychedelic drugs in the ’60’s and you haven’t come down yet. Pitbulls can be warm and loving. They give back what they receive. I totally support this cause.”

        Well thank you SOOOOO much,for your carefully considered opinion.
        You even shouted that I am delusional.
        Is that a professional diagnosis?
        If it is OK to accuse me of being old enough to do psychedelic drugs in the sixties,would it be OK if I were to mention some of your personal proclivities in a public forum,too?

        I think your mommy and daddy need to monitor your online behaviour,more.I’d hate to see you take these silly habits to high school,when you get there!

      • Scarlett

        I am old enough to be your mother. You need to stop being so negative and reading. There’s alot of positive information about pittbulls on the internet.

      • Dog Realist

        No way will I stop reading because someone as ancient as you commands it.

        Your supporters above tell me NOT to believe everything I read on the internet,and you say there is lots of positive on there.
        A cogent/coherent debate seems way off, with the illogical mish-mash I am fed here.

        Do you read any of the bad news?Or only see the world through rose coloured glasses.

        Now I know your age,I’d say I found a reason for your tirade.
        YOU, took the drugs in the sixties.

        Bad acid often delivers flashbacks,or so my grandfather told me.

  • Dwayne

    Dog Realist, you’re a perfect example of the misinformed that organizations like Even Chance and Art for Pitties are trying to educate.

  • Dog Realist


    The Cross of denial is all yours.
    You nave a good day too.
    Over and out.

    • georgina0912

      Dog Realist,

      The cross of ignorance is all and only yours.

  • Laura M

    Having worked in animal welfare for some time we cannot be more excited about this project. It does not take much research to find out about the inaccuracies spread by sites such as for financial gain. We are supporting this project because it is a positive and supportive move for the thousands of individuals and groups participating in bully breed rescue, responsible ownership programs, and education. It’s a great way to thank them for all of the work they do. Thank you Ms. Mateja!

  • Melissa Brooklyn


    Fifty years ago, in this country, there were laws mandating that African-Americans had to drink from different water fountains, sit on the backs of buses, were denied the right to vote because people believed that African-Americans were an inferior race. Had every other country in the world followed our lead fifty years ago every single person a few shades darker than caucasian would have been sitting on the back of the bus. So because Australia has a flawed law should we take suit?

    There was a time when people thought the world was flat and they thought they had the scientific evidence to prove it. It wasn’t until some one tried to test that knowledge that any one was willing to listen to a different theory.

    My point is that any one can dig up a random fact and throw it out there as if it is gospel. Your scientific “facts” are just as flawed as the ones that declared the world was flat or that minority races were inferior. Perhaps you, yourself, should spend some time with the pit bull breeds at your local shelter or rescue site and get to know this type of dog for yourself.

    • Melissa Brooklyn

      Sorry Georgina,

      I meant to reply that back to “Dog Realist” who likes to shit talk under the guise of anonymity.

      • georgina0912

        No problem Melissa! That is exactly what i said to him/her. If one was to believe every single thing it is written out there without backing it up with personal evidence, observation, or experimentation, then we would all believe in UFOs.

      • Dog Realist

        “If one was to believe every single thing it is written out there without backing it up with personal evidence, observation, or experimentation, then we would all believe in UFOs.”

        That applies to religion and also to the so called support for your own position on this topic.Suffice to say that even the Pit-bull rescue society recommend owners carry a dedicated stick to pry open the jaws,because when they bite they DO NOT let go.That is from your OWN CAMP. I rest my case,you can lead a horse to water……

      • georgina0912

        DogRealist, put aside the fact that you and the rest of the people here have opposite views of pit bulls. Why are you so angry?

        You say that you cannot have a coherent discussion of the issue here but you are the one who flies off the handle and not because the views expressed here are opposite to yours, but because people here have said things that speak of their experience with the breed, which has not been bad. Remember that you are the one who started this by saying that the “breed is on the whole a brain dead unpredictable killing machine.” And that is your opinion.

        Also, Scarlett above did not say to stop reading, i am sure she meant to say that you need to stop being so negative and start reading. Perhaps you could try and be less literal.

        Seriously, we all have opinions for everything and we do not have to have the same ones all the time. If you do not like pit bulls for whatever reason well that is that. Go apologize to all those families that have been hurt by one of those dogs. As animal lovers we are also empathic to animals and by no means we do not empathize with dog (of any breed) attacks.

        Lastly, you asked if we ever hear the bad news about the pittis? Well DUH! The media LOVES to feast on pit bull attack stories, but do they ever show the good side of pit bulls? No because they love sensationalism and it seems you have fallen into that trap.

        To have an opinion sometimes takes for people to look at both sides of the story, and you are stuck in one side only.

  • Jessi

    I have to admit, I had to take a few moments to collect myself before I responded to this thread. It is hard not to take a direct attack on pit bulls to heart, especially as I sit here with my own two rescued pitties at my feet. My initial reaction is anger and defense…. But, that will not get us anywhere, the correct thing to do in this situation is to educate. So I will start with a few initial points, and hopefully the other pittie lovers, supporters, and educators can throw in more, as well as to share their own personal love for dogs.

    First, in response to the ever so popular myth, “Pit bulls have locking jaws” The jaws of the Pit Bull are functionally the same as the jaws of any other breed, and this has been proven via expert examination.

    The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of Pit Bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any [other] breed of dog. There is absolutely not evidence for the existence of any kind of ’locking mechanism’ unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier, says Dr. I. Lerh Brisbin of the University of Georgia (from the ADBA booklet, “Discover the American Pit Bull Terrier.)

    Secondly in response to the comment regarding “Pit Bulls ‘turn’ on their owners.”
    Dogs, as a species, do not perform behaviors “just because”. There are always reasons for behavior, and
    when aggression becomes a problem the reasons can be such things as improper handling, lack of socialization or training, a misreading of dog behavior by the owner, or, rarely, disease. Aggression, when it presents in pet dogs, follows specific patterns. First occur warning signs, then more warning signs, and finally, when those signs are continually ignored or misinterpreted, the dog resorts to using its teeth. When an owner is startled by a sudden, aggressive outburst, it is because they have been unaware of problems that were brewing. This is true of all dogs, not just Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls, indeed no dogs, “turn” on their owners.

    And finally, and most importantly, it is all about proper dog ownership. They are a strong breed, they require obedience training, proper socialization, attention, exercise, responsible ownership, and so on. Please spay or neuter, and DO NOT chain up your pit bull. Pit bulls can make wonderful family pets, they were known as the nanny dog, because of their innate nurturing demeanor towards children. From their inception, these dogs have been bred for general human companionship, and since the 1900s, they have been bred for conformation showing as well. From the very beginning, pit bulls have been used as farm dogs, family dogs, military mascots, and all-purpose companions. Pit bulls make wonderful therapy and search and rescue dogs as well.


  • PickleBack

    We must all remember that any kind of stereotype is born from a lack of understanding and education on a subject. It is easy to generalize a dog breed and declare any single one “dangerous” based on you own random experiences. DogRealist, your logic could be used by any loving pit bull owner to declare that because their dog is a most gentle and loving companion, that every pit bull you encounter will be exactly the same. EVERY INDIVIDUAL DOG IS AN INDIVIDUAL. Your encounters with pit bulls can all be traced back to ownership responsibility. Rather than ranting about making a dog breed illegal, maybe you should be demanding stronger owner accountability laws. Try and really research the root of the problem, and consider how breed specific legislation is not just a complete waste of taxpayer money, it will only make matters worse. Truly look from an objective point of view at cities like Denver and Chicago, and you will see that those laws are based on conjecture, poor statistical analysis and media-hype. From a personal note, I have encountered thousands of “dangerous” breeds working in the veterinary field, from rottweilers to pit bulls to German shepherds, and I assure you the wonderful, loving, “nannies” far outnumber the ones with any behavioral issue. I can only hope, DogRealist, for the safety of your local veterinarians, your neighbors and your children, that you do not own any sort of animal, because it is owners like you that have the most unpredictable and dangerous pets.

  • Jane

    I live in the UK where pit bulls are banned. As a dog owner & lover as well as someone who works with dogs for a living I believe no breed should be stereotyped in this way, including pit bulls. In this country, it is the staffordshire bull terriers, rottweilers & greyhounds who are labelled as ‘bad’. Through my understanding of canine genetics & psychology, as well as my everyday experience with the dogs I work with, ANY dog can be capable of human aggression & this is almost always due to it’s treatment by humans. Equally, ANY dog can be brought up & nurtured to be a loving & trustworthy companion. I think it’s wonderful that Jenith, together with Even Chance, is working to re-educate the public about these issues. I am thrilled to be one of the artists contributing to the Art For Pitties project.

  • Amy UM

    Seriously, Dog Realist?
    ANY animal can be trained to be vicious, or mistreated to the extent that they are. Pit bulls just happen to be extremely trainable, and the evil people that train them to be “killing machines” are the ones who made them that way. Every pit bull I have ever come across was brought up in a loving and caring environment, and they were wonderful dogs, never hurting a fly, great with kids and all. Just like bringing a child up in a bad situation, it is all in the caretakers’ hands. To say all of one breed is bad is just plain old ignorant. YOU do your research. And stay off this board. This project is to advocate for the breed, so the dogs don’t fall into the hands of the people who would mistreat and mistrain. Get your facts straight and all your info before you go spouting off.

  • Dog Realist

    Thanks for all your replies.Wow,they must have let all the psychics AND denialists out at the same time! Oh and a few pseudo Pat Parellis of the Dog Whispering world.Not one piece of hard contra science,though.Funny that.

    Some or your ignorant tirades include;

    “evil people”

    “And stay off this board.”

    “I meant to reply that back to “Dog Realist” who likes to shit talk under the guise of anonymity.” (From Melissa ‘potty mouth’.Is your real name Brooklyn?Or are you the only one allowed to post anonymously?)
    and “Your scientific “facts” are just as flawed as the ones that declared the world was flat or that minority races were inferior”
    (good one,call ME a flat Earther and racist.)

    “I can only hope, DogRealist, for the safety of your local veterinarians, your neighbors and your children, that you do not own any sort of animal, because it is owners like you that have the most unpredictable and dangerous pets.”(God help any one who takes their pet to the vet where this ‘all knowing’ despot works)
    How the hell do any of you know what dogs I have,if any,how they behave,what techniques I employ,if any etc?

    Humour me,are ALL the seriously injured and dead victims of pit bull attacks making it up?
    Did the little dog in the park ask for a mauling?
    Are governments who ban this breed ALL the victims of a huge conspiracy?
    Some people say, “dogs are like their owners”.
    And look at y’all.All spitting, spewing anger because I disagree with you,and presented data to support my position.
    Listening to the denialist defense mechanisms,and the vengeful tirades here,I must say, I’m starting to believe the statement about dogs and owners.Pit bulls fit you perfectly.
    In closing I will restate this,from my first comment;

    “You should apologise to all the families whose loved ones,and cherished pets, have suffered and died as a result of their(pit bulls) known deadly flaws.”

  • Whoever…

    Okay, as a volunteer, for over a year now, at the local animal shelter which has approximately 600 animals (mostly dogs) I think it’s fair to say I have some experience on this issue.

    First of all, it’s not animals who are dangerous but instead their ‘owners’.

    Secondly, I also want to add that I personally prefer ‘mutts’ to ‘pure breeds’ anytime :)

    Now, regarding this particular issue – the most aggressive dogs from my own personal experience on the field are actually small poodles and pinchers (I don’t know if that’s how they’re called in English) and the likes of them.
    However, they are not considered dangerous breeds because their bite doesn’t do much damage…

    We’ve had several pit bulls and rottweilers and none of them was ever aggressive.
    I can’t say the same for instance about huskies (very aggressive and not very smart). And this was my favorite dog breed before I started volunteering at the animal shelter!

    In fact I was never bitten by any dog at the animal shelter… except once by a small poodle!
    How about that!?

    Fortunately I survived with only a tiny wound :)

    • georgina0912

      I was bitten by a mixed breed years ago, now i own a mixed breed and do not fear him or think that all mixed breeds are bad because of that one incident. That would be simply stupid.