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“And now, they have issued a warrant for me to Interpol and I am now classified as “wanted under the blue list.” Sounds kind of sad really, like a roster of depressed people.”

“The Blue List is not an alert to arrest someone but simply an alert to question someone and to keep tabs on a person’s movements. They could have accomplished the same thing by monitoring the Sea Shepherd website or the Facebook and MySpace sites. My movements are not exactly secret. And despite the fact that a few simpletons have labeled me as an “eco-terrorist,” I still seem to have no problem crossing borders or flying on airplanes. Hell, I must be the only international “eco-terrorist” with his own highly rated television show, but then again the Japanese whalers have accused the TV networks of being terrorists also.”

– Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson in a new article on Counterpunch.

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  • AnimuX

    Paul makes a great point about the misuse of the word “terrorism” by those ideologically opposed to environmental activism. The word is abused at almost every opportunity in order to evoke a negative emotional response. These anti-anti-whalers falsely compare activists who have never killed a single human being to the most murderous terrorists in the world. It’s all part of an ongoing ideological campaign against Sea Shepherd and environmental activism in general.

    • David

      “The word is abused at almost every opportunity in order to evoke a negative emotional response.”

      You mean like you using ‘poacher’ and ‘murder’?

      • From MN, with hope…

        I think AnimuX was trying to say that people say that Sea Shepherd are as bad as the terrorists in the Middle East, and namely the ones who committed 9/11.

      • David

        And I think AnimuX is an idiot because he builds a straw man argument and you buy into it.

        People are using the word terrorist based on its definition. AnimuX is the one saying they are comparing SSCS to the 9/11 attackers.

      • AnimuX

        Only a complete tool compares activists who never killed anybody to the most murderous terrorists in the world. It’s a clear sign of ideological bias against environmental activism in general. It’s obviously a rather poor smear campaign considering the wealth of supporters Sea Shepherd has gained in the USA.

        Maybe when you’ve finished slinging the word terrorist around you can go back to calling Obama a socialist or Marxist or whatever uncharacteristic nickname the right-wing U.S. pundits have invented this week.

      • David

        I am glad you agree that you are a complete tool.

        You are the one comparing SSCS to the Taliban and Al Queda. It seems you have a problem understanding sets and logic. Just because some terrorists are like the Taliban does not mean that all terrorists are like Taliban. That would be like saying that all felons (like Paul Watson) are murderers because some felons are murderers.

      • AnimuX

        Antagonists working diligently to demonize anti-whaling activists, like David “the tool”, are quite fond of the word “terrorist” and will bend and shape the perception of the word in order to fit into their ongoing negative campaign.

        What’s understood by reasonable people is terrorists purposely kill and threaten to kill people.

        Activists who have never killed a single person nor threatened to kill anyone are not terrorists.

      • David

        Sorry Animux but you are wrong.

        Terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon.

        Terror – the use of extreme fear in order to coerce people

        No mention of killing or even threatening to kill.

        You really should give up on this straw man. I mean you lost the argument before it even began.

      • AnimuX

        Sea Shepherd doesn’t employ “terror” as a political weapon. Sea Shepherd does not use “extreme fear” to coerce people to do anything.

        The allegations made by those attempting to demonize environmental activists is quite focused on this false perception of “terror”.

        I’m sure that as SSCS activists fire “foam crocs” out of air canons in honor of Steve Irwin reasonable people can clearly see these are not acts to invoke “extreme fear”.

        Sea Shepherd activists shoot cameras – not machine guns. They throw stink bombs – not grenades. They don’t threaten to kill anyone or attempt to kill anyone. They are not terrorists.

      • David

        Right back to the word ‘kill’. You just can’t leave that word alone can you?

        They threaten people’s livelihoods, they throw glass bottles, they launch bottles with air cannons, they fire flares at manned vessels, they try and disable vessels in the Antarctic ocean.

        They make threats, they carry through with those threats and the targets of their threats can legitimately be in fear of the SSCS’s tactics.

      • Mick


        “Activists who have never killed a single person nor threatened to kill anyone are not terrorists.”

        I tend to agree. I believe they are called “Eco-Terrorists”.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Ah, yes. Now I see what you meant David.

      • From MN, with hope…

        … about the first comment that I commented on.

      • sidewinder

        Thanks David, now nick off. Pro-whaling puppet.

      • David

        Your welcome sidewinder but I think I will stay around for the foreseeable future.

    • TitaniumTotem

      Seems the only abuse of the term terrorism is by those who are now attempting to redefine it as being limited to the mass murder of humans only. Terrorism is the use of force or intimidation to achieve a political or social goal. Just because the SSCS has not killed anyone makes it no less an eco-terrorist organization.

      • Michael Raymer

        The World According To A Turd. The fact that SSCS has not killed anyone makes it less an eco-TERRORIST organization by entire orders of magnitude. The fact that they don’t seek to harm people at all makes them anything but a terrorist organization. When will you rejects realize that the more you stretch your own bullshit and distort reality, the more feeble an already feeble argument becomes?

      • David

        You seem to have a misconception.

        They ‘say’ they don’t seek to harm people. Yet there actions include launching glass bottles at people, trying to disable ships thousands of miles from help and launching flares at people.

        People can say whatever they want but their actions are what is important.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Yes, than the whalers ramming the Ady Gil also constitutes them as ‘terrorists.’ The bottles might not be made of glass. In an PR photo, the bottle looked plastic.

        They fire the flares above the ships, and if they were disabled than they have the rest of the fleet to come around and tow them. They aren’t alone.

        Now come the ‘SSCS IS POLLUTING, THEY ARE HYPOCRITES.’ Well they never to my knowledge have claimed to be an environmental organization. They save the eco-system, not environment. Well, by saving the eco-system they save the environment, but you get the point. Who knows, I am probably wrong on the bottles. Glass is avoidable, and the activists try not to throw them near people. Even so, they have enough padding in their winter clothes.

      • David

        Are you a professional apologist?

        The bottles are glass.

        What fleet was near the Shonan Maru when the SI and AD tried to prop foul them while they were following the SI?

        The flares and the line gun were launched AT the whalers, oh except the ones where Paul tried to shoot down his own helicopter.

        And I don’t know where the polluting comment even came from.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Not intentionally if I am an apologist. The ‘yes…’ was only referring to the ‘People can say whatever they want but their actions are what is important.’ and adding onto the terrorist argument.

        The pollution one was to rebuttal those who would mention it since I mentioned plastic.

        The fleet could have sent someone to help, but only they know how close they were in the period between the Steve Irwin encountering the SM2, and the Bob Barker getting the tip from the Orion. Prop fouling has worked once, and the whalers get the rope untangled without any help, so chances are slim that it’d work, and if it did than the whalers could get it untangled. Many think that the whaling ships have things that prevent prop fouling from working.

        How exactly do you know if they were shot AT them? They are used to intimidate, not harm. If they were shot low it was so they wouldn’t hit the helicopter, which was at risk by accident, since they hadn’t used any flares at that point.

      • David

        So you are apologizing for things that haven’t happened but that you think might happen?

        So when the SSCS tried the prop fouling they had no idea how close help may have been, yet they didn’t care and where willing to risk the lives of the entire crew of the Shonan Maru. The fact that there is only a small chance that it would have work doesn’t matter. If I randomly shoot a gun into the sky there is only a small chance that the round will hit someone when it comes to ground but if it does I will be charged with assault or manslaughter.

        And I know they were fire AT the whalers because I have eyes that work and saw the video shown on Animal Planet in the last season of Whale Wars where Paul fired them AT the whalers.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Obviously we are going by a different definition of ‘apologist’ so whatever confusion was caused is unintentional.

        The whalers have tried to prop foul the Steve Irwin before, and they had ZERO reinforcements at the time. The whalers have fast ships, and can be there faster than Sea Shepherd would be. When the Steve Irwin got their line caught in the SM2s prop, it was chopped to bits, so I think chances are closer to zero that it’d work. Still, it’s obvious that you wont understand because you would rather that hundreds of whales die instead of the beyond minuscule chance that a prop get caught and it can be unwound from the prop without help.

        Did you see exactly where he was aiming? Were you in his head, and did you know the specific spot he was hoping to hit? That answer is an obvious no. From my judgment, the flare was aimed too high for it to be a real threat to the harpoon boat, but more of a threat to the helicopter.

      • David

        You do realize things that go up come down somewhere? It is now as an arc, over long distances you don’t shoot straight at your target you have to aim above your target to account for the drop that will occur.

      • From MN, with hope…

        And you do realize that the flares don’t have a perfect flight, but they have a ‘general’ flight. They flew over the whaler ships, and thats the end of it.

      • David

        Oh, so because flares aren’t accurate that makes them safe. I did not realize that.

    • Pokopensuke

      FBI seems to recognize SSCS as “Eco terrorists”

      • AnimuX

        The FBI also said Martin Luther King Jr. was a “communist” and the “most dangerous black man in America.”

        Regardless, Sea Shepherd has not been listed as a terrorist organization in the USA.

        In fact, Sea Shepherd is a legally registered charity organization in the USA.

        Also, the “testimony” you’ve linked concerns actions “against innocent victims”.

        Sea Shepherd attempts to enforce internationally established regulations upon poachers and industries conducting business in violation of those regulations – Not against “innocent victims” or the property of innocent victims.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Sea Shepherd isn’t subnational.

    • Ron McMoerna

      Well.. what is the word you use for when people use violence and the threat of violence to prevent you from doing something they consider damaging to the earth?

      I mean If I want to go fishing and someone says “If you do, me and my posse will sink your boat and throw glass bottles of acid at you” I’d “simply” consider you an eco-terrorist.

      Sea Shepherd has used limpid mines, homemade bombs and other means to sink the ships of and intimidate fisherman. Paul Watson claims to have INVENTED tree spiking, a method of trapping a tree to impale or kill loggers. If that ain’t eco-terrorism tell me what is!

  • Cho cho ma

    I think it is funny that a “terrorist” organization can travel through the U.S. and Australia as well as basically every other country legally when ever they please. At the request of Japan they have been raided by the AFP, but the AFP found nothing.

    • David

      Then you need to join the real world.

      The IRA traveled freely throughout the world. Heck they freely collected donations in the US. And that is just one example.

      Also, when is the last time Paul went to Japan?

      • Cho cho ma

        Ya then the Taliban can become a registered U.S. based charity, right?

      • David

        Actually they already have. The FBI has, and continues, to shut down charities tied to the Taliban.

      • Cho cho ma

        So tell me then David, why do they refrain from shutting down Sea Shepherd?

      • sidewinder

        Why would they? what has SSCS done wrong? Nothing.

      • David

        I don’t know Che why don’t you ask them. And at the same time ask them why they didn’t shut down the IRA.

      • From MN, with hope…

        When was the last time he wanted to go to Japan?

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Seems a bit sick that Intergalactic-Ultra-Admiral Watson is bragging about his freedom while his old lackey Pete Bethune is rotting in a Japanese prison while awaiting sentencing for the crime that Watson ordered him to commit. But then again, there are a lot of things about Watson that are more than just a little bit sick.

    Speaking of Al Qaeda though, in some ways the Sea Shepherd thugs are far worse. Al Qaeda at least believes the rhetoric they spiel out and purport to be fighting to improve the lives of certain groups of people. The Sea Shepherd thugs are proud of their lying and make no secret of their hatred of humanity. Also, they value publicity and donations higher than their purported “cause”.

    Having said that, both groups use violence to pursue their respective agendas and both are thus vile criminal organisations, there is no denying.

    • OverMedicated

      lol your cute – i believe pete’s exact words before heading out to board the japanese ship were “nothing gets done sitting on your ass”

      nobody ordered him to do anything – hes boat was illegally rammed and sunk when it was dead in the water – he calmly knocked on the door and served the captain of the japanese boat with a citizens arrest warrant and an invoice for the price of the sunken boat

      as for your title for him – thats cool – but i believe he goes by captain watson – and do you mind listing the things that are sick about him?

      then we can start listing the things that are sick and wrong about the slaughter of whales and dolphins

      lets see who ends up with the bigger list…

      i cant tell if you guys are just trolling for reactions or if you are just this ignorant… i hope for your sake its the former

      • David

        No need to see who can make a bigger list.

        Japanese whaling
        1. Legal

        SSCS direct actions
        1. Illegal

        Oh and whether Paul ordered the mission or not, as the captain of the ship he is responsible for his crews actions and unless a large portion of his crew mutinied, he and they were actively involved in launching the skidoo. Which makes all of them co-conspirators and they can all be charged with the same crimes.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Japanese commercial whaling…illegal..end of story.

      • David

        crumpet, SSCS liar. End of story.

      • J


        Japanese Research Whaling:

        Japanese Commercial Whaling:

        Whaling being done by Japanese:

        One paragraph from that is:
        “Some whalers would take home between five and 10 boxes, he said, while one secured as many as 40 boxes of prime meat that fetches ¥20,000 (about £148) a kilo when sold legally. One crew member built a house with the profits from illicitly sold whale meat, he said. “Another used the money he earned to buy a car,” he said. “They were careful to select only the best cuts, like the meat near the tail fin. I never dared challenge them.””

        ICR knows it is being done but does nothing about it. ICR might be whaling for research, but the whalers (which is a company hired by ICR) are whaling commercially, to gain a heavy profit.

      • David

        So because an employee of a subcontractor to the ICR is breaking the law that means the ICR is breaking the law?

        Sorry that isn’t the way it works

    • joe

      since when does sea shepherd hate humanity? and i dont thinkg sea shepherd has any ships capabll of space flight, nevermind intergalactic travel. though admiral fits paul watson’s job pretty well. “admiral watson” now THATS a nice title.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Pete has officially retracted and apologized for making that comment. Bethune boarded per his own accord, knowing that he was probably going to go to jail. If he didn’t want to board than he didn’t have to.

      Really? Since when is the Southern Ocean, Libyan waters, or the Gulf spill a vacationing site? When have Sea Shepherd spent money for their own… I’m not sure which word to use. Person to person interest? They aren’t off buying sports cars, mansions, and so on. They used the $5 million given to them to buy another ship that just by judging from Whale Wars wasn’t in the best shape so they could save the whales. Pretty effective as well with the whalers catch cut in half.

      And as already asked, since when does Sea Shepherd hate humanity? Sure, they aren’t particularly fond of many people, but they don’t hate all of them. If as you say they are only in it for the donations than why would they hate those who bring in their cash?

  • Sea Cucumber

    I see AnimuX doesn’t post too much these days – must still be stinging from being slapped off of his precious FOJ site with his butt-buddy Donovan!LOLOL! Too bad Donovan can’t even keep a Facebook site up for a day without being booted off like the racist pigs that you and he are. Maybe you can still post on a KKK or Aryan Nation site – but I’m sure you two are already members!

    • AnimuX

      LOL. You proved yourself a liar the first time you made the false “racist” accusation and admitted you’re a bigger liar publicly isn’t something to be proud of.

      The great thing about FOJLTWA is its not “mine” or anybody else’s. It belongs to the over 400,000 people who joined the group. (Among the millions of others who want Japanese whaling to end like those who signed the 1 million+ petition setup by the WSPA)

      Believe it or not, your little “coup” on Facebook has left me with much more time to complete other anti-whaling projects. So thanks for helping me to stay focused. :-)

  • Sea Cucumber

    Animux – Come on, you can do better than that! Don’t try that “aw, you guys did me a favor BS” – that’s a little bush-league, even for you, and we expected a lot better from you to tell you the truth. Naw, the truth is that you and Donovan were considered liabilities for your blatant racism and you were smoked – plain and simple. Just ask Rupert – he’ll tell you like he told everyone else. Must have stung a bit to drop down from being a “Morale Officer” on a racist hate site to being cut away like a cancer because you were out of control? Kind of like seeing a 4-year-old being smacked at K-Mart. Anyway, there are lots of good Facebook sites that you and Donny Boy can still go to. Let’s see… you already know about the Klan… Aryan Nation… well, I’m sure you’ll think of something while you’re enjoying your exile.