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Last night’s Larry King Live episode featured a reunion of sorts — as the retiring host brought back some of the crew of the Sea Shepherd who had appeared on his show a little over a year earlier. Bob Barker, former host of The Price is Right, was also on hand to discuss his involvement with the organization.

Check out some clips after the jump to hear what Paul Watson and Co. have to say about whaling, their third season of Whale Wars, and the situation in the Gulf.

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  • Everett

    I have never seen so many unquestioned lies in a single interview before. I used to think Bob Barker is senile. Now it is clear he is just as insane as Watson. No wonder CNN’s ratings are going down the toilet. With garbage like this produced, they deserve it. At least Larry King has enough sense to quit, he’s obviously useless as an interviewer. Perhaps he will go to work as another SSCS shill. He can’t afford to donate, too many ex-wives and children to support. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Watson post his picture as a featured supporter anyway, since the Dali Lama made it clear he is against Sea Shepherd’s illegal violence and they took his photo down from the web page. The interview was a disgusting travesty.

    • David

      I wouldn’t diginfy it with the term interview. It was a Sea Shepherd commercial. It was obvious that Sea Shepherd either wrote or at least had editorial power over the ‘questions’.

      Bob said that Paul told him that he could sink the whalers if he had $5 million. Well Bob gave him the $5 million and SSCS got more from Ady Gil and their other donors, yet whaling continues. Has Paul explained this?

      • Cho cho ma

        I dont believe he said he would shut it down in one year David.

      • David

        I don’t believe I said anything about one year either Che.

        Then how long is it going to take?

        And if $5 million was enough then why is he still begging for donations?

    • RadicalOmnivore

      “I have never seen so many unquestioned lies in a single interview”

      Dude, even the boys from South Park know that the Sea Sheep Strike a Pose Society are liars.
      Their groupies don’t care though, they just want to be entertained and feel better about themselves.

      Watson and his cult of drone groupies are exactly what has enfeebled the crap out of Environmentalism for the past thirty years.
      It’s well past time the commercial animal rights groups were stopped from continuing to hijack conservation.
      Sadly Larry King just gave them a puff piece to preach their hate and make a few bucks.

    • Robert West

      You must be either an idiot or paid to write negative things about Sea Shepherd.

      They are enforcing INTERNATIONAL LAW.

      Or do you not agree with the law? Hmmmm……..

      So an Anarchist you are?

      Do a little thinking. We’ll wait. Unless you are the above mentioned paid disputer, then go get another job. You add nothing to civilized society.

    • Scarlett

      You people are the reason the human species will become extinct. Totally unconnected to anything truly worth saving – like wild nature. Which is where you’re headed whether you like it or not, just keep that in mind. You are destined for compost and food for the worms. Ta ta,


  • TruthSayer


    Go back to and preach your tired RUBBISH to the 86 users you have there.

    • RammingSpud

      Don’t you just love how they regularly pick a new nickname but always keep repeating the exact same trash talk, like a broken record, and think they’re actually fooling anyone?

      I think it’s kind of cute.

      • joe

        its just anooying to me. they try and make it look like theres tons of people against watson but there just a few trolls.

      • RadicalOmnivore

        Sorry dude; even folks who don’t like folks eating whales think Watson is bad for whales, conservation and environmentalism.
        Check it out for yourself.
        Watson is the ultimate dumbing down of all three.

  • AnimuX

    This was a great interview though I would have preferred more discussion about the historical violations of whaling regulations carried out by Japan, Norway and Iceland.

    Larry King repeatedly asserted that people might protest against whaling for purely emotional reasons and the response failed to mention how so many whale species had been decimated by commercial whaling because countries like Japan did not comply with regulations before and after the moratorium went into effect. They also didn’t discuss the fact that Japan continues to kill endangered species and import the meat of endangered whales from Iceland.

    Still, it was great to see Bob Barker explain why he supports Sea Shepherd and it’s good to know people like him are so generous and conservation minded.

    • RadicalOmnivore

      I wonder if Bob Barker is okay with some millionaire funding nut jobs who disagree with what he eats crashing into his car on the highway?
      What a doddery old fascist!

      • joe

        why is he facist if he supports sea shepherd? those are 2 totally unrelated topics.

      • RadicalOmnivore

        Demonizing people for the species they eat in order to bilk schmucks of cash is deeply fascistic.

        Leave the whale eaters alone!

  • Mark Douglas

    To suggest that a guest would write out the questions for Larry King is simply ridiculous. Neither Larry King or CNN would compromise their journalistic integrity to allow such a thing to happen.

    As for ending whaling, it is clear that Sea Shepherd is well on the way to doing just that, having negated whaling profits for three years running. Watson did not say he would end whaling in the Southern Ocean in the last season, he said he would end whaling and I can see that he may very well achieve just that.

    Good for Sea Shepherd.

    • David

      So with $5 million Paul can end whaling, but it will just take more than one year.

      I see. How many years will it take?

      And if $5 million was enough then why are they still asking for more money?

      • Cho cho ma

        Well, maybe because thats what any charity would do.

      • David

        What do you mean?

        Lie to senile old men to get money?

      • Cho cho ma

        Ya Bob really looked like he was upset he donated 5 million.

      • David

        Older people suffering from various age realted mental issues generally don’t realize they are being scammed. That is why unscrupulous groups prey upon them.

      • joe

        because you cant run forever off a limited amount of money. what if the navy got $100 billion then got no more money ever? thered be no navy pretty soon.

      • David

        But the Navy doesn’t say if they had $100 billion they could complete their job.

        What if some one told you they would build your house for $100,000 then a few months later said oh sorry I need another $50,000 or so and don’t be surprised if I ask for more in another few months?

        Paul Watson and Bob Barker both agree that Paul told Bob he could shut down whaling if he had $5 million. Paul hasn’t shut down whaling and he wants more money, so again he lied.

      • J

        Any non-profit charity organization needs continuous donations to function.

        Where was Bob Barker asked to donate even more money? Maybe I missed it having watched this so early in the morning.

      • AnimuX

        LOL. Apparently, David is totally ignorant of military operations as well. It is COMMON for “The Navy” and the other branches of the military to say they need more money, personnel, and other assets to accomplish a mission. (Just as it is common for politicians to ask for more taxpayer money or deficit spending to support the military industrial complex…)

        Sea Shepherd has done some amazing work with the donations it has received. Whaling operations have been interrupted reducing total catches by as many as 500 whales in the 09/10 season alone. Millions more people know about the whaling conflict thanks to the success of Whale Wars bringing this issue out of the background and into the public spotlight.

      • David

        LOL, Apparently AnimuX doesn’t know that the military isn’t a charity.

        Paul Watson said if he had $5 million he could stop whaling. Yet he is still asking for money to stop whaling. Do you know what that means?

        It means he is a liar.

        And ‘J’ I never said he asked Bob Barker for more money. Although I don’t doubt that he did.

      • AnimuX

        Oh NOW David decides to point out the very obvious fallacy of his original statement. You see he tried to compare Sea Shepherd to “The Navy” by suggesting the military never asks for more money like a charity funded organization as if Sea Shepherd is failing to meet some kind of funding standard…

        …Now he backtracks accepting that the Navy regularly asks for larger budgets regardless of success or failure, yet he still asserts Sea Shepherd is not meeting some special funding standard…

        …the military is funded by taxes…

        …charity organizations are funded by donations…


        Thanks for establishing the very real fact that it is only appropriate for a charity funded organization to ask for donations.

        Then people get to decide for themselves whether they want to donate to the charity unlike the military where people are obligated to pay taxes by law.

        Independent charity evaluation has shown Sea Shepherd puts most of its donations into operational expenses, rather than overhead, earning the activist group a high rating as a charity.

        Watson isn’t finished with the fight against whaling. He may yet contribute to the final demise of the industry. I’ll be eagerly watching Whale Wars and reading Ecorazzi to find out. :-)

      • David

        Animux continues to try and cover up the fact that Paul Watson was caught in another lie.

    • RadicalOmnivore

      Japanese whaling isn’t profit driven, fool.
      Stop dribbling Sea Sheep fundraising drivel and check your facts.

      As the fat twit Watson says he’s been demonizing minority food cultures for cash his whole life and he’s still fighting the same silly fights and calling it Conservation.

      How many more millions? How many more decades? How much more ill-will and demonization instead of progressive cooperation?

      The Sea Sheep are parasites on Conservation and their followers are suckers!

  • Mick

    The same tired old BS. I wonder if Bob Barker feels the same about American whalers as he does Japanese whalers. I would have liked to see them discuss why those who oppose whaling never mention the killing of endangered whales by the United States. At the IWC meeting Greenlands quota of Humpback whales was increased. Why didn’t they talk about that?

    • TruthSayer


      Hummm, same old tired B.S. . Go back and eat some more Whale w/garlic & ginger with your japanese wife.

      Your rhetoric is ancient and stale, the subject being discussed was JAPANESE WHALING, not USA, Norway, Iceland or Greenland nor any other entity conducting whaling activities. Fact is the JAPANESE are responsible for 85% of the whales KILLED off from the worlds oceans every year. IMO, they deserve and earned every second of recognition for those atrocities.

      So you want to dictate the questions, get yourself a hosting job on a major network and quiz away.

      • Pokopensuke

        OK, so are Japan responsibility for 85% of the whales killed under the IWC regulation or does the 85% include a number kinds of whales that are not regulated by IWC?

      • Mick


        “Go back and eat some more Whale w/garlic & ginger with your japanese wife.”

        “..the subject being discussed was JAPANESE WHALING, not USA, Norway, Iceland or Greenland nor any other entity conducting whaling activities.”

        I plan to do exactly that, as often as possible. Fried Minke whale is great!

        That’s exactly my point. The subject being discussed by those who are supposedly against the killing of whales is ALWAYS Japan while other countries who kill whales are never mentioned. watson and his cult followers constantly wail and moan about Japan killing one or two Fin whales, but they do nothing to stop Iceland from killing 150 Fin whales. They scream hysterically about Japan killing endangered whales, yet they say nothing about the U.S. killing endangered whales.

    • Michael Raymer

      Gee Mick, why don’t YOU talk about it? You seem so concerned with these issues, yet you only write generalizations about them. Let’s see that little anti-whaler you keep hidden inside jump on out and educate the rest of us. Seriously though, I’m glad to see you’ve given up your pro-whaling nonsense and forsaken the dark side. I look forward to hearing more from you on the evils of whaling.

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer,

        “Gee Mick, why don’t YOU talk about it?”

        If those who professed to be “anti-whaling” were truly against the killing of whales they would bring the issue up themselves and there would be no need for me to do so.

      • joe

        uh, we do bring it up. thats why sea shepherd exists.

      • Mick


        Oh? When was the last time SS, Greenpeace or their supporters brought up the issue of America killing endangered Bowhead whales and voicing their opposition to the practice?

  • Monica

    I can’t believe some of the hostile garbage toward Sea Shepherd and Bob Barker on here! If you don’t care about the environment and wildlife, then I guess you don’t, but hostility? It’s not your money they are spending, it’s not your life being risked, and unless you are a mouthpiece for Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha, just what is your problem?

    • RadicalOmnivore

      The Sea Shepherd have absolutely sweet zero to do with either Environmentalism or Conservation for that matter.
      If you can’t figure out that the folks who are minding their own business eating whales sustainably can love them just as much as you do then there’s the first problem getting in the way of progress.

      • AnimuX

        That’s where you are wrong. Sea Shepherd has taken an issue that drifted into obscurity and brought it back into the living rooms of millions of people.

        Not to mention putting the spotlight on governments and physically interfering with industrial whaling that the IWC has called for an end to repeatedly over the last two decades.

        Sea Shepherd is NOT slapping people in restaurants for eating whale meat. They’re raising awareness and attempting to stop the industry that’s killing whales by getting in the way of whaling operations.

        Conservationists continue to lament at the ignorance of governments in the face of reason when it comes to the “business” of exploiting whales, fish, and other resources. (Whether it’s whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary or Blue Fin Tuna that should be considered an endangered species elsewhere)

        Sea Shepherd is drawing attention to the historically dirty business of whaling in all of its violated regulations and subverted international agreements.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Yo, AnimuX – I sent you a mesage on facebook at your FOJ site… Oh yeah, that’s right – you and Donovan got whacked off of that site! Sorry – my bad!!! That’s a shame – you guys were doing so well. Lol! There’s always the Klan sites you can join, if you’re not already a member.

  • RadicalOmnivore

    Yup; proof once again that the Save the Whale eccentricities are the preserve of the rich and fatuous.

    Funny to see Watson still peddling that yarn about staring into a whale’s eye blah, blah, blah.
    Bet it once sold well to the dumb hippie chicks but sorry, as much as the flakes desperately want it, the whales are even dumber than the hippies.

    … at least they’re sustainably harvested & taste good.

    If only the rest of the world’s fisheries were as well managed.

    • joe

      its not sustainable. if they took there full quota the minkis would be endagered again and grey whales and humpbacks would be gone. so there rest of the worlds fisiheris are about the same, driving the catch to extiction so japan can make some money.

      • RadicalOmnivore

        Check your facts joe. You’ve swallowed the Kool-Aid whole.
        The whale eaters are no threat to the whales.

        The Sea Sheep and their dumb groupies on the other hand …

      • Mick


        “..if they took there full quota the minkis would be endagered again and grey whales and humpbacks would be gone.”

        The ICR’s current quota of Minke whales is easily sustainable under the RMP.
        Japan does not hunt Gray whales. However, Russia kills around 130 Gray whales a year. Japan does not hunt Humpback whales either. The only countries hunting Humpbacks are St. Vincents & The Grenadines and Greenland. In fact, Greenland’s quota of Humpback whales was increased at the recent IWC meeting.

  • B

    I was originally captivated by this show—but for the wrong reasons. I have never understood why these hippies assume to know what oceanic mammals want or why they think if whales get within sight that they think their “clients” even know they exist. Boarding a ship is point of fact piracy. It’s sad that an incompetent bunch of kool-aid drinkers think they are doing anything more than endangering their own lives. Having a cause feels great–blindly and poorly pursuing it is scary. Please stop ruining what thinking people are working to achieve—-you make the average person hate whales. Please think for a moment–if the japs are whaling other than scientific research—-why would they whale out what you say is their “cashcow” into extinction? Find another tree to hug because your really bad at saving this one.