While nudity in a PETA advert is nothing new, this latest shoot featuring model Giglianne Braga, actor Benjamin Elliott, and Miley Cryus-ex Justin Gaston doesn’t even try to make a point to justify a lack of clothing. There’s no tagline — or anything related to a campaign of some kind — just the words PETA and “If I Can Dream”;’s online television series featuring the three.

“If nudity is involved, especially because it’s for a cause, I didn’t see anything wrong with that,” said Braga. “We’re just supporting a good cause by being naked.” Meanwhile, Justin added, “With this PETA campaign, what I really wanted was it not to be about me but to be about the animals. We’re trying to bring light to this cause.”

What cause?! Is PETA just supporting pain ‘ole nudity now? Did someone forget to photoshop these three into a fur factory or meatlocker? And why do I get the feeling a threesome is about to break out?

[UPDATE: According to PETA, these are just promotional shots. The real ads will be released sometime this fall.]

More unexplained nakedness below:

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Isn’t it about time that PETA quit with the animal rights pretense and just registered as pornographers? I’m sure that sleazy pimp Ady Gil would be happy to help them out.

  • L. Pic.

    Ain’t stressing it as long as it isn’t the final prodcut, as per what they said.

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  • GreenBalls

    my balls are blue with that ad. :(.

  • GreenBalls

    I love PETA.

  • Melissa

    There are some things I like about Peta, and some like the use of nudity, sexually suggestive content, and occasionally, downright sexist content. Even if these are just promo shots as Peta claims, it doesn’t change the fact that this organization has been making mostly women and a few men sex objects for their own gain. I’ve heard people argue that any way they are able to create more vegetarians and vegans is all good, but I can’t agree.

    Glad that Ecorazzi questions it too.

  • Gen

    Here we go again! Another silly PETA ad involving nudity with no sense. This kind of campaigning makes us – animal rights activists – to look like a bunch of loonies.

  • Remy C.

    They look awkward and uncomfortable. It’s kind of sad and humorless.

    • Marcade White

      No one is forcing them to pose in the picture.

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  • Josh Itkin

    The total joke here is that there are about MANY pictures of Justin Gaston wearing leather…just go to google images and enter ‘justin gaston leather’. Wow…now there’s a great advocate of animal rights!

    • Anonymous

      PETA doesn’t contest wearing leather, or animal consumption in general. PETA focuses on animal cruelty, and the reason fur is targeted is because animals are beaten and/or are skinned alive for their fur.

      PETA does not oppose painless slaughter of a cow (for beef and leather) if the recommended slaughter method of direct shock to the animal’s head is used.

  • Nick

    I can see it now…

    “Jimmy,what are you doing on the computer?!”

    “Uh… saving animals!”

  • Pep

    Justins nut has slipped through on the last picture!!!

  • John Eubanks

    My God, Peta is bullshit! This add is just an excuse for some kids to dry hump each other!

  • Anonymous

    got YOUR attention…. you are talking about it, we are and now I am… POINT made.

  • Aepril Schaile

    Looks pretty good to me! ;)

    But yes, they’ll need to do more in the way of an actual message.

  • Anonymous

    PETA doesn’t contest wearing leather, or animal consumption in general. PETA focuses on animal cruelty, and the reason fur is targeted is because animals are beaten and/or are skinned alive for their fur.

    PETA does not oppose painless slaughter of a cow (for beef and leather) if the recommended slaughter method of direct shock to the animal’s head is used.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of these folks are also misinformed over what PETA campaigns for. PETA does not oppose animal consumption in principle -though most of its members are in fact vegetarian, no doubt. PETA only targets animal cruelty, such as fur, which is derived by beating and/or skinning animals while they’re still alive. That’s different from instant death for a cow whose body is used for meat and leather.

    • Marcade White

      PETA doesn’t oppose animal consumption??? What?? The main reason why I even became vegetarian (now vegan) is because of the information I got from PETA about how animals are killed for their meat, and tortured for dairy and eggs. You should check out PETA’s site sometime and see what they really do and how cows are REALLY killed.

  • Anonymous

    PETA=people for the extinction of trained animals

  • switzdark

    *to a person unfamiliar w/Peta* ‘So…they sell porn?’
    Seriously, this has Zero to do with saving animals. They have lost all my respect. Don’t mind me, I’m just off to give my attention to a real organization, like ASPCA.

  • Scruffytheferalslayer


  • Kyle Rogers

    That is what you call the “bad kind of threesome”

  • Kyle Rogers

    “if I can dream.” Dream about what? Threesomes? Polygamy? Being in peak physical shape. I suppose the third ad at the bottom could by the “after” photo for a workout video or diet plan.

  • Ricky Zlotowitz

    I think this is a great advertisement! Yes I really really do!! So many people are in absolutely terrible shape- overweight, unhealthy, on numerous medications… this ad shows People who look absolutely stunning and in amazing condition next to the PETA name. It’s brilliant because what is says is basically ” Eat Vegan, and dream of incredible health, vitality and Beauty!” Let’s face it, most people really could care less about animals being slaughtered for their hamburgers or bacon or whatever…. people actually have told me that I am eccentric just because I have mentioned that I feel peculiar about eating animals, and they have actually told me that right to my face! However, most people want to be in good shape and healthy looking, and if they see an ad Like this one with people who Look absolutely Stunning And promoting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, it gets them thinking that maybe they could Look this good if they eat this way too. Most people dream of a great body and this ad says “eats vegan and you can be beautiful too!” I totally get it, and really think this is one of their best ads ever!!

    • Marcade White

      Actually, just because you are vegetarian or vegan, that doesn’t automatically give you an awesome body (unless you are raw vegan.) Normal vegetarians and vegans eat a lot of processed foods, I like to call them “fake” foods. And I am vegan, but I LOVE vegan junk food. So, vegetarians and vegans aren’t automatically healthy just because we don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs. Again, unless you are a raw vegan.

  • SheriB

    misguided campaign.

  • Leanne McKenzie

    PETA abuses women. They sell porn and they kill pets.

    There was value in the work they were doing in the beginning, but selling women in order to draw attention to their cause is not the least bit helpful.

    i miss the days when PETA meant something more. Now, they are a sick organization.

  • Daya Subramanian

    I have never understood these ad’s of PETA. I’m a vegan and an animal lover, and I know that there are better ways of spreading awareness than posing nude.

  • Ethan Kelley

    There are some things I don’t like about PETA, like veggie burgers, but there are some redeeming things about them too, like hot nude photo shoots!

  • Marcade White

    HELLO PEOPLE. The whole nudity thing is basically saying “I’d rather wear nothing than wear fur (including reptile skin, and leather).” God, it’s not rocket science.

  • broderman

    But… we aren’t talking about them. We’re talking about their ads and how much they suck and/or don’t represent the values of many/most involved with animal rights, and how they portray concerned vegetarians.

    We aren’t talking about animal rights, defending the real viewpoint of vegans and activists, creatively discussing useful things vegetarians can do, or searching for people with high standards of ethics and equality. There are no arguments presented about why vegetarianism is good or helps animals. There is no linking of animal rights with other political movements like feminism and environmentalism to gain (and give) support. There’s no message of respect for animals conveyed. There’s no explanation of similarities between humans and other animals – in fact the word “animal” is used as synonymous with “not human”. There’s no creative process, like new suggestions for advocating for animals. There are no campaigns targeting the worst animal-abusing companies.

    In short, we’re talking about them like we talk about a train wreck. Talking about train wrecks doesn’t make people more likely to choose trains over planes.

  • facebook-1053675976

    Wow, so I guess Alicia Silverstone isn’t the only one that’s clueless. I’ll explain for those that “don’t get it.” The human skin is ours. Ours to show off, to be proud of and … most importantly … to keep. The animal’s fur is their skin and yet while they show it off and are proud of it, because of horribly archaic societies and the laws, too many don’t get to keep theirs. They are skinned ALIVE. They are electrocuted anally and vaginally. They are beaten and live is concentration camp-like surroundings until their captors are ready to strip them of THEIR skins so that some vain and (also) clueless person can parade around in it as if it were theirs. I hope that was clear enough for everyone to get.

    Now please, stop making fun of PETA ads and do something constructive … like work towards ending animal cruelty.

  • Dick Fabulous

    Positively absurd. PETA is now purely a self sustaining marketing provocateur without any purpose or cause. Useless.