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Our culture typically props supermodels up on a pedestal but that may all be about to change for Elle Macpherson – the 47 year old Aussie beauty known as much for her nickname ‘The Body’ as for her diverse entrepreneurial endeavors – now that she has confessed her fondness for consuming keratin-packed rhino horn.

Although the five surviving species of Rhinoceros remaining in the wild today (making up a total population of less than 11,000) are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), poaching persists because it is so wildly lucrative for the hunters, most of whom live at below-poverty conditions.

The seemingly well-preserved host of Britain’s Next Top Model – who describes her illegal dietary habit as tasting like a cross between fungus and crushed bone – likely pays roughly $60,000 for the equivalent of one kilo of Rhinoceros horn in powdered form despite the fact that the endangered pachyderms are left to die after their horns are sawed off. And no…unlike nails or hair, their horns never regenerate.

In addition to being used as a Traditional Chinese Medicine aphrodisiac, powdered rhino horn is also prescribed to treat chest pains, convulsions, snake bites, food poisoning, fevers – and in the case of Macpherson – presumably contained in various beauty products despite very little scientific evidence proving that it does indeed offer medicinal properties.

The model, who made the headlines just one year ago for protesting a London restaurant that was serving endangered bluefin tuna, seems to have a different perspective toward the chronically endangered rhino: “Put it this way, works for me.”

Until high profile celebrities and the Asian market abandon their pursuit of rhino horn, South African game reserves will continue reporting on the slaughter of a rhino every two days.

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  • georgina0912


    Bear bile, kangaroo balls, tiger wine and medicine for arthritis, shark fins, musk-deer musk glands, seahorse harvesting…endangered black rhino horns? When does it end? And where are the scientific studies that back up all the health claims of people consuming those? Ignorance, that is the name of the illness those people suffer from. Of course, poachers will hunt to the last rhino, or shark if there is money to be made. Have we no morals? Or, or, compassion? Why is it that those words continuously evade certain cultures? And yes, killing animals in America for food is just as bad.

    What the hell!!

    • beforewisdom


      The poachers in Africa tend to be desperately poor, fighting for basic issues of sustenance.

      We have similar ignorance in our own culture with “make up your own medicine”:

      – the anti-vaccine scare
      – raw foodism
      – Atkins/low carbism

      etc etc.

      I agree with you, McPherson is acting deplorably.

      Isn’t past time for a PETA attack ad? :)

      • georgina0912

        I understand that, i do, but that is why i said that ignorance is the root of those problems. If the belief that tiger balls make men strong and virile did not exist then there would be no hunting for tiger and their balls. Just like in this country meat is associated with being a man, a man’s man.

        About PETA, i do support PETA and organizations that protect animals, fight for animal rights, and/or advocate for animals, and i would love to see one of their ads exposing all those “medicinal” aphrodisiacs.

      • georgina0912

        I don’t think ignorance is the pivotal issue.

        The parents who sustained the anti-vaccine movement were college educated. They were educated enough not to accept everything researchers say as 100% true, but not educated enough to look at the data for themselves.

        Arrogance and ignorance are always going to be issues.

        I think peer/cultural pressure to not do things is the more likely way out.

      • georgina0912

        Also, we are talking about poaching black rhinos and other wildlife here. If i wanted to talk about vaccines then i would post in a different place. The reason is that i do not know anything about vaccines ok? Hey, i am not the enemy here, i am simply stating my opinion, and that was my opinion.

        And do not post under my name please.

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  • georgina0912

    Before Wisdom/Steve, how did you do that? How did you post something and made it look as if i did?

    Ecorazzi, why does this happen? Shouldn’t user names be unique?

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  • Jeff

    Elle Mcpherson, what a monument to everything that’s wrong with the world that individual is.
    Overpaid, born attractive and dumber than dogshit !
    I’ve never subscribed to her even her looks leave me cold her and am embarrassed she is an Aussie.
    So she Sux anyway but if she is using Rhino by products as some kind of BS tonic to save her soaring looks she is as sad as she seems !

  • susanne

    Now all I’ll ever see when I look at elle macpherson is deep down ugly. I’ll be sure to never buy another thing that she promotes.

  • susanne

    Now all I’ll ever see when I look at elle macpherson is deep down ugly. I’ll be sure to never buy anything that she promotes.