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Over the years, we’ve noticed that Linkin Park is never afraid to get their social action on. Whether they’re getting tattoos for charity or raising money for Haiti, the band members are on a constant quest to make the world a better place.

From now until July 16, the famous musicians are encouraging individuals to plant more trees by helping to promote the latest Green Music Group Challenge.

Here’s how it works: simply plant a tree, or sign up for a tree-planting event, take a photo of said experience, and upload it to the organization’s site. The winner of the contest will get an iPad, a Warner music selection and a chance to win the grand prize, a Honda Insight hybrid.

For somebody like me, who’s mildly obsessed with the idea of owning an iPad (I want, I want; I need, I need), the combination of both doing something awesome for the planet and scoring something I daydream about is a win, win! Is it for you?

If so, stop by and enter the contest! You can also learn more by watching the video below. Good luck!

  • Sofi

    Maybe you meant July 16 instead of June 16??
    Anyway, this is a great piece of news! LP is such an awesome band! I’m waiting for them to confirm a show here in Argentina since they are going to play in Chile and Brazil around October!

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      I did mean July 16! Thanks for catching the typo. All fixed!