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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society rallied its deep pool of supporters to swim past the competition and win $15,000 in eBay’s Giving Works contest.

The campaign, which ran from May 24th-July 4th, encouraged people to vote for their favorite non-profit — with a shot at winning $500 to be donated on their behalf. The top three most popular charities would each receive $15K, $10K, and $5K respectively.

The Sea Shepherd came in first with almost 7,000 votes, while the Humane Society of the United States hit second with 5,730 and Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund was 3rd with 3,688.

In other SS news, activist Pete Bethune (who was arrested after a boarding a Japanese whaling ship during this year’s Antarctic campaign) awaits sentencing tomorrow in Japan. The former captain of the sunk Ady Gil pleaded guilty in Tokyo District Court last month to charges of illegal boarding, but not guilty to assault. While the prosecution has demanded a two-year prison term, Bethune’s wife is hopeful that he’ll receive a suspended sentence and be able to return home to New Zealand as soon as Saturday.

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Ahh poor Pete Bethune…

    Why is the story of his fate being buried in the depths of this story about Sea Shepherd milking another huge pay cheque from gullible punters? Bit of a slap in the face for Pete isn’t it?

    He was an Ecorazzi darling while he was throwing acid, shining lasers and trespassing on ships. Now it seems he’s been sold down the river by Sea Shepherd AND it’s mouthpiece, Ecorazzi.

    Poor schmuck.

    I hope this stands as a warning to all aspiring Sea Shepherd thugs out there. They’ll lie to you, use you, then burn you once you’re no longer useful.

    Don’t do it kids. Say no to terrorism!

  • Russ Stirrett

    The responder’s name says it all. When are the Japanese going to come to their senses about whaling. Their ruse of scientific research is fooling no one.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Good on you ebay and good on everyone who voted for SS.

    Cop that, whaling fanatics.

  • J

    Kimitake Hiraoka, I direct you to the phrase “In other SS news”

    There are plenty of individual articles that revolve solely around Pete’s story.

    Also, get your information straight.

    Donation =/= Pay Check