by Michael Parrish DuDell
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“My wife [filmmaker Lori Silverbush] started mentoring a young girl from Brooklyn and she would come to the house and she would eat and then she’d say “Oh, I’m full. Can I bring this home?” And we realized what she was doing; she was bringing it home for her siblings.

“When food stamps run out halfway through the month, these kids are hungry. And they’re fed sweetened juice water, just to put something in their stomach; it’s not nice. There’s this old adage that you can’t make the food better at lunch because they don’t want it, they don’t like it. I don’t buy that.

“When we bring her to our house, she wants a salad. She ate asparagus for the first time and she couldn’t believe how good it was. We bring her strawberry picking and she had no idea that strawberries came out of the ground and didn’t realize how good they were – how delicious it was.

“Two episodes ago on Top Chef, we were in a school lunchroom in Washington, and these kids wanted seconds and thirds because the food was delicious.”

- Top Chef head judge Tom Colicchio on the importance of feeding children healthy food at school. We can’t help but wonder if Tom is lending his support to the Healthy Schools Meals Act. We sure he will join some of favorite celebrities and give it a thumbs up! Want to hear more of what Chef Colicchio has to say? Stop by and read the whole interview; it’s a great one!