by Michael dEstries
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You’ve heard about the protests in Japan over screenings of The Cove — now see what all the crazy is about in this video from AlJazeera.

Earlier this summer, theaters in Tokyo and Osaka canceled screenings because they feared for moviegoers lives at the hands of radical groups protesting outside. Police have now stepped in to make sure that future screenings won’t be bothered by such idiots.

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Hey what if the protesters rammed the movie goers with their cars and threw acid at them and fired chemically-tipped arrows at them and shone weapons-grade lasers in their eyes to stop them from doing something they disagreed with… would that be kinda fun?

    Maybe they could make a TV show of it and make lots of money from it?


      Keep it up, we all enjoy laughing at your ridiculous rants. ^_^

      • David

        No many of us are laughing at the useless troll comments.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Maybe the movie makers can retaliate and slice a few of the cars in two with a truck?

    Then pretend it never happened.