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It’s interview time for Leonardo DiCaprio as he makes the media rounds promoting his new film Inception — and as usual, the actor’s environmental activism tends to come up in questioning.

As such, we’ve got some updates on the green side of life for the 35-year-old — including some potential thoughts on a sequel to his 2007 environmental documentary The 11th Hour.

“My film was really an attempt to highlight a lot of these people that have devoted their lives to these issues and really are experts,” he told James Mottram of the HeraldScotland. “I wanted to give them a format to speak about these issues uninterrupted without having to battle somebody from the oil companies or whoever.”

With regards to a follow-up film, DiCaprio doesn’t dismiss the idea — but it also sounds like he’d be more comfortable narrating, rather than tackling such a project.

“I’m looking into it,” he says. “But that movie was very hard to do. We spent hundreds of hours in the editing room, trying to condense a lot of different thoughts into an hour-and-a-half format. I don’t know if I’ll do that again personally. Whether I’ll narrate something, I don’t know.”

Personally, it sounds like narration might fit the bill a bit better. Audiences seem to really be taping into nature films like EARTH and OCEANS that carry an environmental message — but also dazzle with incredible sights and sounds. One of the critiques of 11th was that it had too many talking heads. If such a sequel did materialize, it would definitely need a bit more appeal to get audiences in theaters.

Maybe 3D talking heads? (grin)

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