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Elle Macpherson is reacting to the criticism over her recent reveal that she likes to consume endangered rhino horn powder — saying that she “never knowingly consumed or encouraged the use or consumption of any products which contain material derived from endangered species”.

Less than 11,000 rhinos survive in the wild — and population numbers consider to free-fall thanks to the illegal trade in rhino horns. As Elizabeth touched upon yesterday,

In addition to being used as a Traditional Chinese Medicine aphrodisiac, powdered rhino horn is also prescribed to treat chest pains, convulsions, snake bites, food poisoning, fevers – and in the case of Macpherson – presumably contained in various beauty products despite very little scientific evidence proving that it does indeed offer medicinal properties.

Macpherson said that she regretted “any distress or offense that her banter with an interviewer might have caused”.

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  • beforewisdom

    I read her original comments, the content of which does lend itself to a cover story of a gaffe.

    Hopefully she will stop using rhino horns, instead of just stopping admitting to it.

    She looks good for a woman of any age I never would have guessed from the pictures ( discounting possible photo shop tricks etc ) that she is 47.

    The biggest factors in aging the appearance of most women are:

    – exposure to the sun and UV rays
    – smoking
    – eating a diet low in vegetables ( lettuce doesn’t count )
    – fat gain

    She and other women don’t need powdered rhino horn for any of those things.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Oh come on… think of all the times she’s given other people “the horn”!


  • Model Liar

    Nice try Elle.

    You got caught out using it,now you are trying to lie your way back into credibility.That’s the sort of low act politicians,drug lords and gangsters use.

    I hope PETA does some real digging and finds you out.That’s when the fun begins in your very public life.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave….”

  • Whoever…

    “Macpherson said that she regretted “any distress or offense that her banter with an interviewer might have caused”.”

    What about apologizing to the animals who are murdered so that she can put some powder on her body or something?

    At least she could have had the guts to admit what she’s doing and accept the consequences of her actions.

    These people are so stupid and ‘zombified’ they believe anything they’re told – there’s no scientific proof that these substances are effective and even if there was, nothing justifies killing endangered animals so that humans can somehow benefit from it!

    Why doesn’t someone make her believe her feces are good for her skin or whatever she uses those substances for? She’s so dumb she might believe it and leave rhinos and other animals alone…


  • erin elizabeth

    Darn it, I read the whole comment and THEN saw it was written by “Whoever”

    I should not be surprised as you always have the best comments.

    Very well said.

    erin :)

    • Whoever…

      Thank you Erin…!


  • r james

    Elle. worst of the year for using and then denying the use of Rhino horn to promote her own wellbeing. There should be a wide and cautious net of social responsibility cast by those ‘Chosen Few’ who command our attention through the fame we gave them as fans, consumers, proponents and camp followers. Way to go, Elle darling. You had the stage and charisma to do great things for our planet and now all I will ever see of you again is the skinny ass you just showed the world.