Lexus, traditionally known to manufacture luxurious yet gas guzzling sedans, has lately been getting in on the green scene by unveiling vehicles with increasingly more environmentally friendly features such as their full hybrid LS600hL.

Perhaps it makes sense that they’ve been hosting “The Darker Side of Green” debates to highlight their latest eco-friendly mode of transportation (the latest car in the spotlight is the CT 200h).

In addition to filling a niche for luxury hybrid vehicles, the company continues to hold diverse forums/promotional showcases that feature an unlikely collection of celebrities such as Sarah Silverman moderating lively chats between eco-supporters and climate change deniers.

There are 4 new debates slated to occur — hit the jump to check out all the players.

If the celeb-utainment factor isn’t enough to draw you or Andy Samberg’s promise that “I don’t wanna say I EXPECT it to turn ugly, but if it did, I’m not gonna break it up,” then the diverse lineup of eco-stimulation surely will — take a look at what went down when Sarah Silverman took the reins during Lexus’ March 30 debate.

Via The Car Connection

3 Responses to New Lexus Green Debates To Feature Andy Samberg, Tracey Morgan

  1. solame. says:

    this event is put on by a global warming skeptic who is using lexus (toyota) dollars, platform and brand to push fringe ideology into mainstream automotive/lifestyle media.

    so… you buy a lexus. you pay for them to hire climate skeptics to put on a debate of global warming in support of their new hybrid line… make sense?

    lexus should be ashamed.

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  3. A Siegel says:

    Solame … Hear, Hear! You are absolutely on target with this comment. There is, a bit late, an effort to make Toyota/Lexus realize what they did:

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