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In what must be a massive sigh of relief for Pete Bethune, the Tokyo District Court gave the anti-whaling activist a two-year jail sentence, suspended for five years.

In other words, as long as he doesn’t do anything illegal (involving Japan) during that time, he will not go to jail.

The news is a wonderful outcome to a long ordeal that began when Bethune illegally boarded a Japanese whaling vessel in February to serve a citizen’s arrest of its captain. A month earlier, that ship was involved in a collision with Bethune’s boat, the Ady Gil. It later sank — prompting the 45-year-old to make the daring nighttime stunt that resulted in his arrest.

Ahead of the verdict, Bethune was reportedly feeling “very nervous”.

As part of the sentencing, he will be deported immediately. According to 3News, that means the next available flight home to New Zealand — where his wife and two daughters will no doubt be anxiously awaiting his arrival. We wish them all a very happy reunion.

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  • Claire

    Awesome news!

    • Alison Banks

      TERRIFIC NEWS!!! :-)

      • AnimuX

        Ecorazzi your scripts on this page continue to miss the most recent post…

    • Sara Lee

      thank God. I hope now he will be able to sue them in court for destroying his boat and attempting to murder his crew. I saw the video they purposefully tried to ram him.
      and HE gets a suspended sentence? Outrageous and hypocritical
      Fu… japan. i will never never visit as long as i live

      • David

        It wasn’t his boat. It belonged to Ady Gil.

        And I am sure the Japanese economy is crashing as I type because of the lose of your potential visit.

      • Whitefish

        We don’t need Sara Lee’s boycott to crash Japan’s economy. They are doing a great job all by themselves, thank you.

      • David

        No that is a world wide phenomenon. And Japan is actually doing better than many other countries.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Are you serious David? You obviously don’t know too much about the japanese economy. You don’t realize that japan is sinking faster than the Ady Gil after it has been rammed by a japanese whale poacher.

        BTW, just for your information, Japan’s debt-to-gross domestic product ratio remains the second-largest in the world at 190 percent, only slightly below that of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Japan’s debt-to-gross domestic product ratio remains the second-largest in the world at 190 percent, only slightly below that of Zimbabwe.

      • David

        And that is the only indication of a companies economy, right Professor of Economics crumpet?

        Oh and as that chart you looked at says, it is an estimate.

        The same source also says their GDP per capita is ranked 41st. And their unemployment rate is 5.1% compared to the US at 9.3%. And their consumer inflation rate is -1.4% (negative is good) compared to Australia at +1.8%.

        So as was suggested earlier, why don’t you get back under your bridge.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David…you silly goose…japan owes more that it is making.

        Try telling Japan that deflation is a good thing…
        it simply means the economy has slowed and people are not spending money.

        “Japan’s new premier has warned of the country’s impending economic collapse, urging the government to take measures to avoid a Greek-style debt crisis.

        On Friday in his first major speech after taking office, Naoto Kan highlighted that his country’s public debt is now nearly double its gross domestic product (GDP,) prompting the government to devise strategies of averting public debt crisis.

        However he hasn’t revealed the financial changes he may implement to revitalize Japan’s economy.

        “Our country’s outstanding public debt is huge… our public finances have become the worst of any developed country,” the BBC quoted him as saying.

        I find it hilarious that David thinks Japan is in good shape. Time to educate yourself, David Dude…

      • David

        crumpet you ignorant twit. many countries are in the same situation. That is why it is a global economic situation. Is it a good place to be ? Of course not. Is it an unrecoverable situation? Of course not. Does whaling have a significant impact on it either way? Of course not.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David…oh ignorant one…there is one country worse off than Japan…and thats Zimbabwe.

        It is hardly a world wide phenomenon when you are talking those sorts of figures.

        As far as whaling goes its all good news of course as less people will be spending their hard earned on whale meat.

  • Unbreakable

    Fantastic news.

    The poor pro-whaling trolls will be upset. Ha!

    • crumpets are yummy

      The pro-whalers on here must be feeling really, really let down by the Japanese government. They badly wanted an execution but got nothing more than a handshake and an air ticket home.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    I think this is a grave error.

    Now he is free to return to his life of violence and crime.

    My thoughts are with the crew of the JARPA II research fleet.

    • Beverley Bailey

      Oh please. ‘Return to his life of violence and crime’! Did you even noticed the size of Pete’s boat compared to the size of the ruddy great beast that nearly killed him and his crew?

      It was like Tinkerbell trying to arm wrestle Evander Holyfield! Not a fair fight. And as for the supposedly injured crew member, Pete maintains that the clot accidently sprayed himself with his own pepper spray…

      • Alison Banks

        Disregard this idiot Bev!!

      • AnimuX

        Indeed. The pro-whalers make all sorts of “commentary” about violence and then cheer with tears of joy when they watch video footage of Japanese whalers nearly murdering a boatload of activists.

      • crumpets are yummy

        So…. kimitake, are you saying that the Japanese courts have made a big mistake? Do you have no faith in the Japanese legal system? In your opinion, how do you think the system in Japan is failing?
        Does the Japanese system fail often (?) and make “big mistakes” on a regular basis?

        Do you think that the Japanese whaling organizations are to be trusted?

        Do you think that they too make “big mistakes”?

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Pete does maintain that, yes. But of course he would. You should be careful about believing what Sea Shepherd types say; they make no secret about lying when it suits them.

      Beverley, you might like to investigate what Pete and his thugs were up to before the collision. His antics included throwing acid at mariners, firing chemically tipped arrows, shining weapons-grade lasers to temporarily blind shipmen and trailing entanglement ropes. i.e violence and crime.

      Not a fair fight indeed.

      • TruthSayer


        “His antics included throwing acid at mariners, firing chemically tipped arrows”

        You are so full of SHIT, the man never fired a chemically tipped arrow at anyone or anything. You have NO proof to support such an asinine statement. Just more rhetoric & lies from the pro-whaling idiots, the same ones constantly accusing Watson and Sea Shepard of making up facts. The Japanese legal system has run it’s course and spoken, deal with the outcome!

      • Hufingraz

        LOL! Ahhh, the poor little pro-whalers seem upset. Would you like some cheese with that whine? The Japanese judge obviously doesn’t think that Bethune was a criminal, because the prosecutors were asking for 2 years in jail and the judge gave Pete a suspended sentence. You forgot to mention the whalers violent tactics. Aiming a LRAD at a helicopter, throwing metal objects and flashbangs at Sea Shepherd, firing commercial grade pepper spray, ramming & sinking vessels(sometimes vessels much smaller than their own). So when compared, I would say that the Japanese tactics are much more dangerous than Sea Shepherd’s. Also you forgot to mention the safety records. Sea Shepherd has never had anyone killed or lost aboard their ships. To my knowledge, the Japanese whalers have had a major fire, 1 death, and one man lost at sea.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Truthsayer, to respond to your misguided hysterics, I encourage you to search on YouTube for “sea shepherd bow gun” and watch the video. Then watch it again. And again.

        Huffgraz, to address your hysterics, I’ll point out that Bethune was convicted and is therefore a criminal. That’s a fact. Bethune is just another Sea Shepherd criminal, just like Paul Watson.

        You might also like to consider that the defensive measures undertaken by the Japanese research fleet are just that – defensive. When you’re under violent attack, you’re entitled to defend yourself. If it were American or French vessels under attack, the response would not be non-lethal LRAD nonsense but swift and deadly.

      • Hufingraz

        lol… Kimitake, you are HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for making my day with your funny comments! Maybe if Japan wasn’t commerically whaling(which is illegal), in a WHALE SANCTUARY, then they wouldn’t be attacked. The rest of the world obviously feels the same way, or otherwise some other countries would be down their helping the Japanese “defend” themselves. When Somalian pirates attack ships, the world responds because the Somalians are actually attacking someone.
        Also, about the bow and arrow, it was meant to be shot at the whales to taint the meat, not the whalers. So quit being so dramatic. I am starting to think that you obviously work for the ICR because you spew the same crap they do. If SS ever shot an arrow at the whalers, where is the video??? The whalers take video of EVERYTHING. You would think that they would have a video of an arrow being shot at them, considering that they would be crying about it for months. Being the bunch of little, pansy bitches they are.

      • LaughingTiki

        I don’t condone the use of weapons during a protest for any reason. I understand that Bethune had the best intentions for the arrows, but you have to realize that arrows tipped with butyric or any other material is technically ineffective on a dead whale – there is no blood flow to get the material to disperse. If he had intended to taint the meat, he would have to go up and shoot a great number of arrows into the side of the poor beast while it was on its last breath. I’ve heard that the Butyric is about as acidic as lemon juice, so I’m sure that being injected with the stuff really smarts.

        Increasing the suffering of the dying animal is simply wrong, so arrows really have no place in the Southern Ocean protests.

        If I remember, the “Bow Gun” was actually a compressed air gun, used to hurl bottles with greater accuracy. Not keen on the idea of glass bottles, but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t used for arrows.

        I will have to give one point to the whalers, though. Although the whalers take videos of everything, Sea Shepherd has an entire professional television crew on board and have far more media power at their disposal. It should be easy for SSCS to crush any misleading Japanese video propaganda, but they aren’t always successful at it.

      • TruthSayer


        The key word was PROOF, not some YouTube video of which you know nothing about. The man NEVER fired chemically tipped arrows, he may have talked about it, but that’s about it. How about sticking to the FACTS and not your silly fantasies. Your group of Pro-whaling friends seem to make up the facts needed as you go along.

      • Heidi Filipowic

        i don’t care if he did throw acid at them, or chemically tipped arrows, or shone weapons grade lasers at them. these “mariners” as you so laughably call them, are breaking international law and murdering whales. what pete and his “thugs” were up to was bravely defending whales, stepping up to the plate when the international community is unwilling to do it. the japanese whaling industry are the thugs, not the heroes of the sea shepherd society.

      • jeffssmith1

        Kimitake Hiraoka,

        Ignorant and inane comments such as yours in the defense of whaling make me glad we conquered your nation in WW2.

      • Miss Ponygirl

        Are you brainwashed or what!?

        You should be carefull believing anything those whalers say! They shouldn’t be there in te first place!

        And they are lying its for research (and a lot of other bs). Well anyone with more than only a few braincells know thats not true!

      • David

        Are you brainwashed or what!?

        You should be careful believing anything those SSCS say! They shouldn’t be there in the first place!

        And they are lying they have authority to intervene (and a lot of other bs). Well anyone with more than only a few braincells know that’s not true!

      • Boo Radley

        You had better get on to the UN about that one and change the wording of the UN charter for nature which gives groups and individuals the right to fight the environmental rapists of the world.

        David, commercial whaling has been banned for the past twenty years. Only the Japanese are foolish enough to believe that they are whaling for science. Anyone with more than two brain cells know that that is not true.

      • David

        That is funny Boo.

        The UN World Charter for Nature does no such thing. That is why Paul Watson admitted that it didn’t give individuals or groups any authority. He claimed in his defense that he honestly, though wrongly, believed that the UNWCfN gave him authority, so even though it didn’t his honest belief should excuse his crime. He was acquitted of 2 charges but was convicted of the felony. So he said he was mistaken in his belief that the UNWCfN gave him authority and the court agreed. The UNWCfN doesn’t give authority and Watson has know it since 1993.

    • I Care for Life

      My goodness the crap you spew out

    • Alison Banks

      YOU IDIOT!!!

    • Heidi Filipowic

      research fleet? you are so full of shit. if you want to study whales, go study them. you don’t learn anything from killing them except how long it takes them to die. two hours, i believe.

  • toorisugari

    It’s not “a five-year ban from Japan”. It’s a two year sentence suspended for five years. Please read news carefully.

    And one thing that many English news coverages appears forgetting to mention: Bethune was found guilty of all 5 charges including assault.

    • Michael d'Estries

      From 3News:

      “Pete Bethune has received a two-year suspended sentence and banned from Japan for five years, effective immediately.”

      • toorisugari

        3News has already changed the wording. I suggest you should too. :P

        Why not cross check with other sources? Try Japanese??

      • Michael d'Estries

        Thanks Toorisugari — I’ve updated the wording.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        “Sea Shepherd Activist Pete Bethune”…

        Aren’t we forgetting that Sea Shepherd dumped him during his trial after he pointed out that Watson’s tactics are wrong?

      • RammingSpud

        Look everyone, Kimi still doesn’t have a clue…

      • From MN, with hope…

        They did it so the courts would be less harsh on him. And FYI: Sea Shepherd paid for his defense: over 1/2 a million USD.

      • From MN, with hope…

        ‘Sea Shepherd announced during the trial that it would not let Bethune participate in further protests, but said Thursday that was a tactic to help him avoid prison time and he’s free to rejoin.’

        It appears it was indeed a ploy so the courts would be more lenient on him. Although I am pretty sure that he wont be down in the Southern Ocean for the 2010-2011 campaign, and just to be safe, I think he wont be down for the 2011-2012 one either (if there is one). Maybe the 2012-2013 season (if there is one).

      • David

        If he goes with any campaign in the next 5 years he will end up serving 2 years in Japanese prison.

        They said it was a ploy. But all that proves is that either they are liars, or they are stupid to believe the court would believe them, or they are egomaniacs and believe that the whole world trusts everything they say.

        They say they spent $500,000 on his defense and how much did their appeal for the Peter Bethune defense fund take in?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Yeah, I’ve thought about if Pete goes down to the SO within 5 years what may happen. INTERPOL would go after him? The Japanese would board the Sea Shepherd ships? Well it doesn’t matter because I think Pete is going to spend some time writing his book before going out again.

        And just because there is a possibility that they outsmarted the courts doesn’t mean they’re liars, it means that they are strategists. Plus the ploy may have not even been a part of the sentencing.

        Not sure how much they raised. Why would that matter? The point is that they stayed with Pete, and showed so much gratitude that they spent $1/2 million to keep him out of jail.

      • David

        So if they raised, just for instance, $1,000,000 in his name but spent $500,000 on his defense, which still is an unsupported claim, then they simply USED him to raise $500,000. Whereas if they only raised $250,000 but spent $500,000 then that would show they stood by him rather than used him.

        “INTERPOL would go after him? The Japanese would board the Sea Shepherd ships?”

        No Japan would issue an arrest warrant and request he be arrested in whatever country he is in. An request that would be required to follow under a number of international treaties.

        They told the world that they would not let him rejoin and/or go on any further campaigns. Now they say they would allow him to rejoin and go on any campaign. And you are trying to say doesn’t make the original statement a lie? Are you really that psychologically invested in the SSCS that you will twist reality and fact that far to maintain your position?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Granted that is they raised $1mil. than they did get $1/2 mil. But then again donations are thrown into a single pot. It’s not just a single fund for each thing. Plus how exactly could one be sure that they donated for the whales, for the tuna, for Pete, or just a general donation? Maybe the memo line or whatever it’s called in an online transaction (on PayPal it asks if you want to add a message) may say ‘I want this to go to Pete/the whales/the tuna/etc…’ There’s no real way to tell. But IF there was indeed a separate fund made for Pete’s defense, and they made $1mil, than I agree that it is wrong for Sea Shepherd to keep that money. It’d be better if they would give it to Pete.

        Well… Request. That’s the key word. And Australia isn’t too fond of them, but then again New Zealand would give him up without a fight it seems.

        I don’t know, ‘lie’ just seems like… harsh or biased. Although there are better ways that it could have gone. It was a ploy, but since Pete is allowed to join again than it does make the first statement untrue. But judging by what’s up than I don’t think that he will want to rejoin. None of his family knew it was a ploy, not even himself, so I guess with tomorrow’s press conference comes the answer to the long awaited question: Will Pete re-join Sea Shepherd?

      • ecowarrior

        No one apparently watched Larry King live…it’s obvious why Sea Shepherd dropped him, if they hadn’t he would be in jail right now, because they don’t want him going on another campaign. He was safer when he was on trial if he wasn’t part of SS anymore.

      • David

        Oh yes those sly white men fooling the yellow men with their slick lies.

        Grow up and face reality. The Japanese court paid no attention to the SSCS statements. Firstly a courts rulings are based on the evidence from the trial not extraneous statement made out side of court be people who aren’t associated with the trial. And second, the SSCS is known for lying so even if the court heard about their statement they would no more believe it than they would believe that the sun rises in the west.

      • From MN, with hope…

        ‘Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd admitted they had “done a deal” with Japan to get Bethune out of jail.’

        Sounds like the courts did know of it.

      • David

        I never said they didn’t know about Paul Watson’s lies. I said they didn’t care about them or consider them.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Them it’s an even sweeter win for Pete because he got off without any strings attached than what he did wasn’t enough to put him in jail.

      • David

        So 5 years during which any violations of the conditions they set is no strings?

        That is one of the funniest things you have posted.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Nowhere near as funny as your comments earlier David about the Japanese economy doing better than some other countries (ummm…like…er… Zimbabwe)


      • David

        Actually you brought up Zimbabwe, so I guess your the comedian.

        You brought up one aspect of their economy, I believe that facts were presented that show in so areas they are doing better than most countries.

        For instance they export more than the import. The US can’t say that, in fact the US imports almost 50% more than they export.

        Anybody who really had a clue would know that a single issue, like debt to GDP ratio, can’t be used to make blanket statements about the state of a countries economy.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Might as well be. He can’t break Japanese law for 5 years. Should be pretty easy since he lives in New Zealand. In the same way that I can’t break Canadian law here in America. Wait, can he not break Japanese law anywhere or just where Japanese law is currently applied(like in Japan, against the whalers ships, on a Japanese embassy…)? If he’s a good citizen than either way he’ll make it the 5 years.

  • AnimuX

    Pete Bethune is an outstanding individual. I wish him and his family a very happy reunion as well.

    Thank you Pete for the sacrifices you’ve made to save the whales.

    • David

      Do you mean his wife who left him?

      • I Care for Life

        you sad little pathetic soul, you stoop ever lower

      • TruthSayer


        Yes, the same woman, Sharon who was live on RadioNZ this morning hailing his release and awaiting his return his family. You are a poor excuse for a human being!

        The Japanese court has ruled on Pete’s infractions, delivered a verdict that they felt fit his crime, deal with it without your petty B.S.

      • Cho cho ma

        He has more then just a wife idiot

      • David

        Did I say otherwise, idiot?

      • Cho cho ma

        “Do you mean his wife who left him?”

        You implied.

      • David

        No you have an inability to understand what is written and decide in your own deluded mind what someone ‘really’ meant.

      • crumpets are yummy

        What did you mean by that David?

      • David

        I meant I was having a conversation with someone other than you. So why don’t you crawl back under your bridge.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Do you really mean that David?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Scroll to ‘Obsession Costs Marriage’

        Ad Feedback

        ”We split up before I went to Antarctica.” He said he was not an easy person to live with and was obsessive and unable to balance his cause with his family.

        His wife had been loyal and supportive all the same.

        ”She has a big chunk of my heart and I have some of hers,” he said.

        ”We will not be getting back together but we still share these two amazing kids and we will remain best mates.” They had been together since school, ”and we will remain together from here, just not as husband and wife.”

  • I Care for Life

    Outstanding news, although I am still unclear as to the ruling on the bogus injury charge. So some sanity exists in Japan’s legal system with regard to environmental matters AND environmentalists, very reassuring, and a rebuke perhaps to the overzealous prosecutors and right-wing ultra-nationalist haters who were pushing for a long prison sentence.

    • toorisugari

      huh, overzealous prosecutors? Com’on, they’ve got what they asked for. Bethune was found guilty for all 5 charges, and sentenced 2 years, which was suspended because he does not have previous criminal record in Japan and apologized what he did to the poor crew of the Shonan Maru No.2. So it’s nothing to do with environmental matters etc.

      The Japanese are lucky they don’t have to pay for this criminal’s bread and soup for two years.

      • I Care for Life

        Oh, so the prosecutors will be happy with the judges’ verdict, I look forward to seeing their statement. I think they wanted him in prison, which the judges obviously did not agree with.

        Poor crew of the Shonan Maru 2, the vessel that turned and crushed Pete’s boat? They were nearly involved in the murder of 6 people aboard the Ady Gil, poor crewmen indeed.

        The Japanese probably wouldn’t mind paying for Pete’s gruel, as they already are getting bilked to support a wasteful and unnecessary whaling program in 2 oceans, and funding the ICR’s huge slush find for bribing IWC delegates and supplying them with whores, as has been publicized widely, not to mention keeping certain pro-whaling politicians happy and in their corner. I think the Japanese public knows how rotten their system is.

      • toorisugari

        Why do you think so? It’s custom in Japan that someone who is sentenced a few years in prison will have a suspended sentence. You think too emotionally;-)

        I personally think Ady Gil should have moved backward, not forward back then… It’s Pete’s fault really. But we’ll see if the AU govt have the guts to bring the matter up when the two govt meet in the international court.

        Well, you are quite right that the Japanese wouldn’t mind paying for Pete in the end. That’s only a small portion of Japanese money similar to the funding of the research programme. We can afford to waste some money.

      • Whitefish

        I love Japan’s judicial system. Wrongly convict on perjured evidence, then suspend the sentence. Talk about saving face. It’s ALL about saving face for the Japanese people isn’t it?

      • David

        Well Japan decided to over look Bethune’s perjury. They figured anybody who would follow Watson just natuarlly starts to lie on a regular basis.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Japan decided to overlook the fact that Pete Bethune was nearly murdered on the high seas by the Japanese whale poachers who rammed his ship.

      • David

        No, the Japanese had a trial for Peter Bethune based on the charges against him, whether someone once may have tried to kill him or not isn’t relevant to whether he is guilty of the charges or not.

      • AnimuX

        What is relevant to the trial is the whalers perjured themselves by claiming injuries inconsistent with human toxicology tests for butyric acid. Video evidence shows them exposing themselves to an unknown substance which they claimed was “water” at trial. They’re also shown rubbing their faces in distress immediately after firing this substance at the activists into an unfavorable wind. Now “why” would a couple of whalers fire a “mist” of water at activists over the side of a moving ship? The injuries they described were consistent with direct exposure to pepper spray. It’s clear they shot themselves in the face with their own riot control agent and not “water”.

      • David

        It is clear AnimuX lives in a fantasy world. You do realize when your doctors ask you what you see in the ink blot it is still an ink blot? You fantasies about what you see is not the truth. There are these things called facts and when you don’t have any, like here, then your story is called fiction.

      • AnimuX

        Pro-whalers often make claims about facts but the facts are that according to human toxicology tests where “butyric acid” was purposely applied to human skin it takes 52 minutes before any sensation of burning is felt AND redness of the skin is hardly noticeable. 24 hours later there is some minor scaling in the exposed area. This does not match the description of injuries given by the whalers at trial.

        The whalers reported immediate chemical burns to the face resulting in red blistered skin and red extremely irritated and painful eyes. These injuries are consistent with direct exposure to oleoresin capsicum (also known as pepper spray).

        At trial, the whalers “claim” the backpack dispersal equipment they were using was only filled with “water”. However, video evidence of the whalers clearly shows them firing a “mist” over the side of their ship in the direction of sea shepherd cameras. The whalers IMMEDIATELY rub their faces in distress after this and go below deck.

        This incident was documented on Feb 11th. The same date these whalers “claimed” at trial to have been struck by Bethune’s butyric acid. The date of the injuries is also documented by Japan’s whaling fleet doctor.

        Also, additional evidence was withheld from the trial. Despite ICR photos of intact bottles of Sea Shepherd stink bombs, only a broken bottle was offered as evidence at trial so the judge could “smell” the evidence of acid. There was no sample of the stink bomb liquid provided for independent chemical analysis. Most likely because Sea Shepherd activists have handled this material and gotten it on themselves and never experienced any injuries. Samples of the diluted butyric acid would have supported the defense argument that the stink bombs are not dangerous.

        It’s clear the whalers shot themselves in the face with their own pepper spray, covered it up and lied about it in court to convict Pete Bethune.

      • David


        It is clear AnimuX lives in a fantasy world. You do realize when your doctors ask you what you see in the ink blot it is still an ink blot? You fantasies about what you see is not the truth. There are these things called facts and when you don’t have any, like here, then your story is called fiction.

      • AnimuX

        It’s clear David lives in a world of ideological bias against environmental activism.

      • Boo Radley

        I think David is a washed up novelist without a future, we are nought but his wee guinea pigs.

  • Whitefish

    There was no justice served in this case. It was just a case study of how a defunct Japanese legal system works. In a system that prides itself on a 99.8% conviction rate, the idea that Pete would be found innocent on any of the charges was about nil. This story is much more about the corrupt Japanese government and court system than it is about a man boarding a Japanese security vessel to arrest the captain that tried to kill him and his crew. Not a system they can be proud of, that is for sure.

  • AnimuX

    Now, when will the attempted murder trial begin for the captain of the Shonan Maru No. 2 who nearly killed Pete and 5 other activists in the ramming destruction of the Ady Gil?

    • Alison Banks

      Hear hear …. now lets see charges against THEM!!!

    • David

      As soon as New Zealand issues warrants or files charges.

      It has been almost 6 months so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • crumpets are yummy

        I wouldn’t be holding my breath either, as the Japanese fishing interests now play a very strong role in New Zealand and its government…who probably don’t want to offend their master, Japan.

      • David

        Yes, the Japanese with their failing economy just control New Zealand.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Japan with their tentative, unstable loans do…as long as they can last out and hold off their creditors. When they finally succumb, there will be a shake up in the region…

        I can see a time soon when New Zealand will be buying back their own fishing licences for nicks.

        I will look forward to that one.

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  • Mkay

    Hooray for Pete! Finally home… alone…. wife and family think he’s an idiot, and so does just about everyone else – but I don’t care! No more Sea Shepherd adventures for him! Nope!

    I want to see the video of him putting whaling in trial!
    Wait – that didn’t happen.

    I want to see the video of him stopping the whalers!
    Wait – that didn’t happen.

    I want to see the video of his family standing by him!
    Wait – that didn’t happen.

    I want to see the video of Paulba the Hut sticking by his side!
    Wait – that didn’t happen.

    I want to see the video of him crying like a pussy on the stand!
    Yes – that DID happen!!!

    Have fun writing your book, asswipe – most of the SSCS can’t read anything that doesn’t have pop-up pictures in it anyways.


  • Mick

    Awesome news, indeed. Pete bafun is now officially a convicted criminal. He was found guilty on all five counts against him. Not the least of which being the crime of assult. It was proven in a court of law that he injured innocent sailors by launching a bottle of butryic acid at them. The judge also noted that he conspired with memebers of SS to commit these crimes. As an added bonus, watson can no longer maintain the fantasy that SS has never injured anyone and has not been convicted of a crime.

    • Hufingraz

      Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck? One thing I do know is that Sea Shepherd will be back in the Southern Ocean this year, with another bigger boat, and THEY WILL seriously impact whaling and end up costing Japan MILLIONS AND MILLIONS. JUST LIKE THEY DID LAST YEAR!!!

      • Mick


        “Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck?”

        After reading your screaming tirade; it appears that YOU do.

      • Hufingraz

        I give a shit about the whaling, and I don’t give a shit about anything you just commented on. Clear enough for you Mick?

      • Mick


        “I give a shit about the whaling”

        Really? Do you oppose the killing of endangered Bowhead whales by the U.S.?

        “I don’t give a shit about anything you just commented on”

        So you say. Yet, you continue to reply to my posts.

    • coocoo

      “watson can no longer maintain the fantasy that SS has never injured anyone”

      Sure they can. Their hardcore fans either unquestioningly believe Paul or they simply don’t care if whalers are injured. The ignorant public will hear the same sound bites they always have and will end up with their usual random assortment of random uninformed opinions, and the pro-whalers will have exactly the same dislike for Sea Shepherd.

      Your usual anti-whaling bandwagon idiots will keep posting here, and they’ll be met by the usual unhinged pro-whaling crackpots.

      The only question is whether donations from all the media coverage will surpass the $500 000 spent on lawyers.

      And just for the sake of taking sides, I’m reluctant to admit it but I’m with the anti-whalers. Even though they’re as dim as the pro-whalers, at least they have a valid cause: to stop the cruel killing of animals. The pro-whalers are only here because of their nationalistic insecurities, in the case of the Japanese, while the others just perplex me – why do they bother?

      Wow, what a rant. Reminds me why I rarely come to this site.

      • Cho cho ma

        I think that Sea Shepherd can continue to say they have not injured anyone because Japan has shown no true proof of injury.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Japan is well known for making things up as they go along.

        Japanese translations…

        #1 shampoo in eyes = stinging aggravated chemical attack by persons unknown

        #2 rotten butter thrown on deck = outrageous wilful arson by eco terrorists

        # 3 sea water splash on face = wounding with intent by racist gweilo eco-terrorist …

        etc etc etc

      • Mick

        @Cho cho ma

        There was a trial in a court of law. Evidence and testimony was presented by the prosecution. bafun and his defence lawyers had the opportunity to present evidence refuting the prosecution. A judge considered the evidence presented and found bafun guilty of assault. Therefore, bafun and SS are guilty of illegally assaulting and injuring people.

      • AnimuX

        Nothing but a show trial where whalers perjured themselves and withheld evidence that supported the defense despite that a conviction was predetermined.

        Kind of like North Korea or Iran convicting a western journalist for espionage.

        Japan tried to murder Bethune and “missed” then took the next available option and tossed him in jail to spook other activists.

      • Mick


        “..where whalers perjured themselves and withheld evidence that supported the defense..”

        Do you have evidence to back up your claims? If so, did you come forward with this evidence and present it to bafun’s lawyers?

  • Pamela Arrington

    When the last breeding pair is killed, there will be no more whales for Japanese, Norwegians, Icelanders, Australians or anyone else. The Sea Shepherd crew has stepped up its actions as have the Japanese “Research” vessel. The fact that said “tissue Samples” are showing up in a US restaurant points to losing the wars on saving the whales which has been going on since the 70’s at least. Having spent most of my adult life in hospital laboratories I can tell you there are immortal cell lines from individuals who have been deceased many years. There should be no problem growing immortal lines of whale tissue for study.

    The solution to illegal whaling/research lies in the Japanese people. Where there is no demand, there will be no product. “The first man to raise a fist is the one who has run out of ideas”. Solve problems not through violence in words or actions but through knowledge and self actualization.

    Thanks for reading.

    • David

      Immortal lines of whale cells are great but what do they tell you about how much contaminants whales are currently absorbing from their environment. Or about when whales reach maturity. Or how often they produce a calf. For some research laboratory cells are fine but for a a lot of research they are useless.

      • Whitefish

        They already know how often the minke bear young. Why kill a 1000 whales per year to study what is already known? Just like we already know what nuclear weapons can do to living organisms. Should be continue that research?

      • David

        So they already know everything about Minke whales? And they know what toxins will accumulate in the Minke whales and in what organs and in what amounts this year and next year and the year after? And they know how these toxins and other changes like global warming will affect the Minke this year and next year and the year after?

      • crumpets are yummy

        Why do the Japanese not do research on species such as the endangered mountain gorilla?

        If they can keep sending ships down to Antarctica to study whales then surely they could do research on other animal species.

      • David

        I am sure they do research on many other species, possibly even the endangered mountain gorilla. But what does that have to do with whaling? Oh that’s right nothing, you are just spewing useless drivel.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Where was i spewing useless drivel David? I simply asked a very simple question, to which you have failed to answer conclusively. No surprises there of course, you never really answer anything much do you? Perhaps I didn’t make the question simple enough for you?

      • David

        You question was useless drivel.

        What relevance does research on other species have to do with research on whales?

        The Japanese see whale as a resource and a useful commodity. So it makes sense to do research on it. To for example’ find other uses, monitor the population size, monitor the population health, find more efficient ways of use so as to reduce waste.

        Since they don’t use mountain gorillas as a commodity why would you expect them to do research on mountain gorillas? Oh that’s right, you wouldn’t you were just spewing useless drivel.

        Maybe you should ask real questions that pertain to the discussion at hand. But maybe you are to simple to understand that.

      • From MN, with hope…

        … So as to possibly learn something new about them. Seems kinda, no not kinda, beyond obvious. The point of research is to learn new things, or prove debated knowledge/disprove old knowledge. Why do we study volcanoes? We can’t use anything from them. And if we do they hurt more than help (Icelandic volcano cloud shutting down most of not all of European air travel, costing millions and hurting the economy).

  • joe clark

    This is all the result of the Japanese being dishonorable. They signed the treaty and are ignoring it by holding up research signs. Very two faced, very dishonorable. As a result, they will eventually kill evey whale and further endangering a labeled endangered species. The Japs must have half assed scientists. Killing them all while researching. It’s like saying the us droped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nakisaki to see what happens when you do.

    The International whaling Commission needs to grow a pair and enforce the treaty because the violence will eventually work both ways because the Japanese being dishonorable people who sign treaties and then pee on them..

    • David

      Do you mean the treaty that has an Article VIII which allows research whaling by any member with no restrictions? Is that the treaty you mean?

      How are they breaking a treaty that gives them a complete unrestricted right to perform research whaling?

    • Mick

      @joe clark

      “It’s like saying the us droped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nakisaki to see what happens when you do.”

      Actually, that WAS one of the reasons the U.S. decided to use the bomb. After spending so much time and money building it, they wanted to use it to see what it would do.

  • gizwinkus

    The best outcome we could hope for indeed. Conviction on all 5 counts including assault causing injuries by BA attack. Japan got what it wanted and with the extra publicity and donations the SSCS can pay the million plus dollars in legal fees and money owed to Bethune for his toy boat. Everybody wins (except the SSCS donors)! But fear not; Whaling ends next time for sure! Just as long as you send more money.

    • Whitefish

      Geewiz Giz, they all come out winners I guess. SSCS takes the cake however, since they will now have a 4th ship resulting from a flood of recent donations. An actual navy, a flotilla of ships. You see SSCS employs adaptive management. That means they adapt and change strategy as they better learn their enemy and the environment they work in. They will not make the same mistake that lulled them into believing the Japanese were honorable and that their rage was not so intense they would try to murder others.

      • gizwinkus

        It appears the Japanese whalers are pretty adaptive also. They have one conviction completed and could have had more before now if they wanted. Under The Suppression of Unlawful Acts convention they could have boarded and arrested Watson many times already IF The Japanese Government authorized it. I believe the Government is ready to step up protection for it’s legally operating research fleet. Look out for a bona fide law enforcement vessel in the fleet next season. Watson has already demonstrated he cannot control two vessels much less four. It will be fun to watch him try though, and interesting to see what he can do without getting busted. I just hope Japan doesn’t cut the last season of Whale Wars too short.

      • Boo Radley

        The Japanese will probably do their very best to murder and kill off the Sea Sheperd crew this year.

        They have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing, via their actions ala Ady Gil when the sliced it in half and then took Pete Bethune a prisoner.

        The Japanese whalers and their henchmen will be even more dangerous and out of control this year as they now have a taste of blood and will be looking to slake their thirst for more.

        If the Japanese do happen to send down a ship filled with armed and highly dangerous Yakuza thugs, ( maybe the same ones that tried to shoot the SS Captain a few years ago) you can be sure that they will be looking the other way whilst the Japanese whalers carry out their terrorist activities.

  • crumpets are yummy

    David, the research whaling angle is a fat faced lie and a shame…everyone knows that..

    Do you know what a treaty is David?

    • David

      Yes crumpets I know what a treaty is.

      Do you know that treaty says any member can do any kind of research on as many whales of whatever species they want with no restrictions?

      And do you know that the Japanese do produce research every year on the whales thereby meeting the requirements of the treaty?

  • crumpets are yummy

    The so called science, eg… what happens when you cross a cow and a whale?

    The so called science that has produced less than 5 papers in its lifetime?

    The so called Science which when peer reviewed indicates 98 per cent of it is junk science?

    The same so called science which does not need lethal research to gather data?

    David dude, are you talking about the science that people actually believe, (ie credible) or the science that the Japanese whalers want you to believe ( the smokescreen variety which is there to hide their shameful commercial whaling and the true intentions to open up the ocean for wholesale slaughter of whales for commercial purposes)?

    Treaties can be loosely compared to contracts: both are means of willing parties assuming obligations among themselves, and a party to either that fails to live up to their obligations can be held liable under international law. The central principle of treaty law is expressed in the maxim “pacta sunt servanda—”…”pacts must be respected”.

    You see David this is Japans big problem…they are not being seen to respect the treaties which forbid commercial whaling and forbid commercial whaling inside a designated whale sanctuary.

    Have you heard of a sanctuary David and do you know what it means?

    Because Japanese interests, including those but not limited to the government of Japan,are not faithfully upholding the spirit of the Antarctic treaty etc which they signed , they are seen as pariahs on the world stage…old fashioned, crude and somewhat strange.

    The fact that they have a few social pariahs ready to defend them on internet forums such as this…makes them look even stranger and more of an outcast than they already are.

    • David

      Sorry crumpets but you fail again.

      The Antarctic treaty defers to the IWC when it comes to whales.

      The IWC allows members to object to resolutions. Japan objected to the sanctuary, so it doesn’t apply.

      The IWC Article VIII allows research with no limits.

      So Japan is following the IWC regulations. The countries, groups and people claiming they are violating the IWC regulations are just lying.

      As to the science. The number is over 200 just from JARPA and JAPRA II. Not real close to 5 papers. And the ‘peer’ review you allude to was not a peer review. Peer review by its name requires scientists from the same disciplines not just any scientist.

    • Not a biologist but…

      “…what happens when you cross a cow and a whale?”

      I thought all thinking people had given up on this argument months ago?

      When this straw man was first raised months ago I asked my neighbor, who is a biologist about it. She was not familiar with this specific research but said the basics where well known and similar work is being done every day. Here is her basic explanation.

      One of the issues when studying species is reproduction, obviously. In captive animals this study is relatively easy but not so much with wide species. And a major concern in these type studies is fertility. Are the sperm capable of fertilizing the egg? Various environmental toxins can inhibit the viability of sperm and their ability to cause fertilization.

      The easiest way to study this is first to observe sperm under a microscope for any physical defects and for mobility. But even without obvious defects, sperm still may not properly respond to and fertilize an egg. So you expose a ripe egg to the sperm and watch the reaction and see if the sperm are capable of entering the egg and causing the first cell division. But this requires ripe eggs and collecting ripe eggs from large wild animals is very difficult, with whales probably being almost impossible. Especially since in most cases females only produce one ripe egg every cycle, which for Minke whales is about once every 18 months.

      But there is a solution. Many species sperm will respond to and attempt to fertilize eggs from other species. The zygote will only divide once or twice before dying, but this will give the data desired. Apparently whale sperm and cow eggs will work for this experiment. And through doses of hormones a captive animal can be induced to produce many ripe eggs. Eggs from another cetacean would probable work better, like from captive dolphins, but ripe cow eggs are already collected and sold for cattle breeding and probably much cheaper and easier to obtain.

      So the research isn’t about crossbreeding. It is about the health of whale sperm and the effects of the environmental toxins on whale fertility.

      You see, when you ask questions of people with actual knowledge you can actually learn something. Rather than assuming that everything the Japanese whalers do is evil and wrong.

  • crumpets are yummy

    David, its all Crappola. You know it, we know it, you know it, the world knows it, the ICR know it, the Island nations that are drip fed by japan know it, the scientists know it, the scientologists know it, my dog knows it, the whales know it, God knows it, the local baker and candlestick maker know it….

    Why do you bother persisting?

    • David

      “David, its all Crappola.” It may be but it is legal Crappola.

      “Why do you bother persisting?” Because I enjoy the stimulating conversations I get to have with you.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Interesting stuff…there is another way of checking reproductive health…and that is to check numbers of newborn calves.

    • David

      And if the numbers decrease what is the cause? Oh wait that is why you do research to determine causes, not make guesses. And if you wait until a problem exists to start investigating then you don’t have data on what is normal, making it much harder to determine what changed and why.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Lets say something changes, for instance lets say that infant mortality due to mercury suddenly shoots up to 75 per cent, what will Japan do about it, do you think?

      • David

        What infant mortality are you talking about?

        If you mean whale infants then I guess it would depend on the source of the mercury, but since it would probably be from the mothers milk meaning it is coming from the krill, I doubt there is much Japan could do.

        If you mean Japanese infants then I expect something would be done long before 75%. What is done would depend on the source. But one good idea would be to kill more Antarctic whales. They do have significantly lower levels of all toxins than cetaceans and fish from the waters around Japan. Those Chinese coal power plants put a lot of mercury in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan and ultimately into the western Pacific.

  • crumpets are yummy

    And if the numbers decrease what is the cause?


    • Not a biologist but…

      Really? Lets do some math.

      200,000 Antarctic Minke whales (probably closer to 500,000 but we will be conservative)
      50% female
      25% sexually mature (probably closer to 50%)
      calf born every 2 years (actually every 16-20 months)

      That works out to 12,500 born every year. Even if 50% die in childhood it is still 6,250 a year. Japan’s quota is ~1000. So that leaves 5,250 new whales every year. Why at that rate the Minke will go extinct NEVER. And the real number of calves per year is probably 2-4 times my conservative numbers.

      See how facts work.

      • AnimuX

        Or, instead of taking your word for it, we could just check with the international body responsible for evaluating this species which has listed the Antarctic Minke whale as “Data Deficient”.

        Although there is no accepted estimate of current abundance, the population size is clearly in the hundreds of thousands. The data analyzed by standard methods suggest a reduction of approximately 60% between the 1978–91 period and the 1991–2004 period. However, alternative hypotheses to explain the apparent decline are still under investigation. If the decline is real, its extent and causes are currently unknown, and it may still be continuing. The corresponding population reduction thresholds (criterion A2) are 30% for Vulnerable and 50% for Endangered, measured over a 3-generation time window, which in this case is estimated to be approximately 66 years (22 years per generation). If the decline proves to be largely or mainly an artifact, or proves to have been transient in the light of analyses of more recent data, the species would qualify as Least Concern. If it were real, the species would qualify as Endangered. Pending resolution of the uncertainties relating to the apparent decline, however, the species is listed as Data Deficient (DD).”

      • georgina0912

        One has to remember when doing that amazing math and statistical work that whales don’t only have to steer away from whalers, they are also threatened by climate change, ocean pollution, as well as predators.

        5,250 new Minkes every year? I think we all wish that was true.

      • AnimuX

        “The largest aerial survey of whales along the Australian Antarctic coastline has found far fewer minke whales this year than last, despite covering three times the area.”

      • David

        AnimuX do you even read the things you link to?

        Here is a quote from YOUR link.

        “The scientists say it is not whaling but a changing ice pattern preventing whale movement that is the cause of the low numbers.

        Dr Peel says the ice along the Antarctic coastline was much different to last year.

        “Last year it was a lot more open within the ice, there was a lot more areas of open water, whereas this year the ice was much denser and there was almost like a wall of ice blocking the inner bays,” he said.

        Dr Peel says the condition of ice can change drastically from year to year and this impacts the way whales migrate.

        He says there is not necessarily a link between the low numbers and whaling. ”

        So the changes in ice conditions cause the whales to alter their path. So as the Dr. says;”…it was much more likely the whales just weren’t where we were looking.”

        And georgina the actually number is probably closer to 15,000 since the population number used is low and the % of fertile females is probably closer to 50%.

      • AnimuX

        I do indeed David. The “ice” explanation is merely an assumption. The fact remains they increased the search range to 3x greater than previous expeditions and found far fewer whales. Once more revealing the difficulties in establishing whale populations to a certainty. It’s one more reason why Japanese estimates, tainted by an obvious desire to exploit whales regardless of population stability, can not be trusted.

      • David

        The FACT remains that the scientist who did the study said the decline is probably due to a change in ice and not whaling even though they searched a larger area.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Well thats great news that Minkes are breeding, but there would be even more if Japan left them the hell alone. So you can see now how logic works?

  • David

    AnimuX you really are a retard aren’t you? The IUCN listing says nothing about reproduction and/or sustainable levels, so how you think it makes any kind of rebuttal to Not a biologist’s post is beyond comprehension.

    Of course your typical copy and paste does show that even the IUCN agrees with NaB’s post that there are at least hundreds of thousands. So 200,000 would be a minimum population by YOUR info. The rest of NaB’s post seems to make sense. Half the population is female, a percentage of the females are fertile and those females have a calf about every two years.

    So your post is mostly off topic but where it is applicable it agrees with the previous post.

    And crumpet is right. If none where hunted then the increase would be faster. But the purpose of the IWC is to promote and regulate sustainable harvesting of the whale resource. So if the birth rate can be estimated and the quota is only a small percentage of the birth rate, then the hunting is sustainable. It is the same procedure that is used in managing the hunt and setting the quotas for many wild animals.

    • AnimuX

      David you really are a lying douchebag aren’t you?

      The IUCN has specifically stated there is a “possibility” that Antarctic Minke whale populations have declined so rapidly over 3 generations that the species could be classified as “Endangered”.

      Unfortunately, people like David are so completely opposed to environmental activism they’re perfectly willing to ignore the findings of an international body tracking the world’s threatened and endangered species.

      So while Davey here is working on some “new math” to promote whaling, I’ll go with the scientific evaluation performed by the IUCN which states Minke whale populations require more “counting” because it’s possible they could be an endangered species.

      • David

        AnimuX you really are a complete waste of oxygen aren’t you?

        IUCN says there is a “possibility” the numbers have declined. They also say “However, alternative hypotheses to explain the apparent decline are still under investigation.”

        So it may just be an “apparent” decline. Maybe like the aerial survey article link you provided. Conditions in the year(s) showing decline may be due to different conditions just missing the majority of the whales.

        So what the IUCN says is there ARE at least hundreds of thousands of Minke whales. And their numbers may be going down or they may not. More study is needed.

        And who is doing almost all of the studies? I will give you a hint, the countries name starts with JAPA and is 5 letters long.

        “they’re perfectly willing to ignore the findings of an international body” and what did that body find? Maybe down maybe not. I am willing to accept that. Lets do some more studies and find out which it is.

        And it wasn’t my math and it isn’t new. It is math taught to most people in 2nd or 3rd grade. Multiplication and percentage. Maybe you should take some remedial classes.

      • AnimuX

        David you really are a pathetic sack of shit filled incompetence aren’t you?

        You continue to ignore the very real possibility that Antarctic Minke whales could be an “endangered” species, according to the international body responsible for scientifically evaluating these whales.

        Yet, like Japanese scientists, you continue to spew a load of pro-industry garbage in your worthless attempts to justify whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Just another mouth-piece for a morally bankrupt amakudari government and it’s blood lust for politically motivated whaling and greed.

        Your “claims” about population status and acceptable birth rates are obviously not shared by the IUCN which has emphatically stated there is indeed a “possibility” that Antarctic Minke populations have declined so rapidly over the last 3 generations that the species in endangered.

        I’m sure that suits Japanese whalers just fine as they’re already adept at slaughtering endangered species like Sei whales and Fin whales and vulnerable species like Sperm whales. Not to mention their annual imports of endangered Fin whale meat from Iceland.

        So what’s another endangered whale, or a thousand, to an industry that’s been subverting and violating international whaling regulations for the last 80 years?

        The math is indeed simple. One dead whale is one too many.

      • David

        AnimuX you really are a pathetic sack of shit filled incompetence aren’t you?

        You continue to ignore the very real possibility that Antarctic Minke whales could be an “abundant” species, according to the international body responsible for scientifically evaluating these whales.

        Your “claim” about population status is obviously not shared by the IUCN which has emphatically stated there is indeed a “possibility” that Antarctic Minke populations have not declined over the last 3 generations that the species is abundant.

    • Boo Radley

      There are more people than whales…billions of people vs a small population of whales. Harvesting of humans would be highly sustainable, profitable enterprise. You have a population of BILLIONS …a population that is roughly half female and each one of breeding age can have a calf every two years…every year if need be. Only humans call their calves babies.

      People have been known to eat other people in years past. They seemed to think it was a good idea and it appears to have been highly sustainable and became a part of their societies culture. By all accounts, people taste good ( better than pork, they say)

      Just take a look at Fiji and other places such as Cambodia where eating of people was fairly common. Did it do those cultures any harm?

      These days there are certain things that humans have moved past…harvesting people for consumption is one of those things …whaling will be another thing that will be relegated to the dustbins of history. To those people out there with some feeling still left, that have not been dumbed down to any great extent, then both “harvests” are equally repugnant.

      • David

        How do you know there are more people than whales Boo? You butt buddy AnimuX says it is impossible to know how many whales there are.