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Gulf Oil Spill: Jordin Sparks Throws Spotlight On Fishermen And Residents

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American Idol winner Jordin Sparks – who scored her vocal victory at the age of just 17 – is ensuring that her time in the spotlight creates a positive effect on our planet. After forming the I’m M.A.D., Are You?/Making A Difference campaign with her brother P.J. to let teens and young adults know that “it doesn’t matter how big or small your effort is, as long as you’re making one”, she’s now teamed up with The Jonas Group-founded teen entertainment, news and style site, Cambio.com to spread awareness about how the ongoing BP oil spill is affecting nature, wildlife and local residents.

In the 5+ minute clip, Sparks takes a tour of the oil-slicked region along with the Audubon Society, witnessing the devastating consequences of the accident that has caused pelicans and other birds during nesting season to seemingly blend into the sand (the result of their oil covered feathers). One resident, Lester Mornay, describes the oil spill as “a nasty act of mankind…it’s like a serious crossroad…you wake up from a bad dream but it’s not a bad dream…it really happened,” adding that ultimately, “man’s going to have to live with nature, not against it.”

The clip also features New Orleans artist Tommy Hebert who admits that he hates “the idea that people have to give money to this”, claiming that while a natural disaster is understandable, “something that a company or several companies could have prevented (just by) taking a little more care …(since) it’s a precarious situation? That’s what pisses me off. That people have to volunteer and it was avoidable.”

Aside from the ship captain noting that the heavy concentration of oil and dispersants makes your eyes burn, Sparks comments that, “You can’t see what’s happening to birds and wildlife (on the Gulf Coast) without wanting to help, but you don’t have to live in the Gulf to make a difference.” There are countless legitimate organizations working around the clock to counter the effects of the spill — take a moment to review this collection of resources or CNN’s helpful list of ways to make a positive impact even if you aren’t able to show up in person, and as always, we encourage Ecorazzi readers to share their ideas on what all of us can do to help the Gulf during this challenging time.

Via Cambio

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