James Cameron’s record-breaking $2,712,115,019 eco-inspired blockbuster flick Avatar simply will. Not. Die. You’ve already seen his glorious, technicolor flick in the theater a handful of times, you purchased the Earth Day-released DVD back in April and now for all those die-hard Pandoramanics, there’s yet one more opportunity to soak up the cinematic glory.

On August 27, a new and improved super-duper special edition of Avatar will be screened in IMAX 3-D and digital 3-D theaters with a whopping eight additional minutes of footage!  In response to what he claims was incessant consumer demand for more Pandora goodness, Cameron is delivering “new creatures and action scenes” not found in the original version (obtained from 30 minutes of deleted scenes). Film geeks take note: the director was restricted to adding just 8 minutes of footage since the typical IMAX format accommodates a total of 170 minutes max.

If this latest Avatar fix isn’t enough to sustain you for the next several months, take heart. Rumor has it that Avatar 2 and 3 might just materialize on the silver screen in the not-too-distant future, focusing on Pandora’s oceans, rainforest and unique ecosystem as well as a greater perspective of the Alpha Centauri AB system. In the meantime, here are Hayden Panettiere, Michelle Rodriguez and Adrian Grenier discussing why Avatar has resonated so strongly with the public.

Via Collider