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In his latest movie, Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a character gifted in the art of entering people’s dreams and “changing things”. I know enough of the plot already not to ruin it for you, but let’s just say that in real life, DiCaprio would love to work that magic on BP boss Tony Hayward.

“They have a huge responsibility and they better come through. That was a monumental catastrophe — it was a giant environmental catastrophe, and a lot needs to be done to repair the problem.” the 35-year-old said.

His co-star, Ellen Page chose both Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin as people in need of a reboot. Check out the video below to hear all of their comments.

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  • www

    I’ll go to see this movie, but I’ll pay for a ticket to another movie playing in the theater instead of this one. I won’t financially support child like simpletons who’s only intellectual achievement is the ability to memorize a dozen lines at a time.

    • Melissa

      Hmm…I really don’t think I understand your comment. You say that you are willing to see the movie, but you’ll pay to see another one instead because the people in this movie are “child like simpletons.” I’m wondering which actors you think have intellectual achievements that are greater.

  • http://www, Pleasant Wayne

    Thank you for saying what we are all thinking, Leo! :)