by Elizah Leigh
Categories: Animals, Internet.

How sick are you of hearing about the now 83 day long (and counting) oil spill that has already gone on record as being among the worst man-made ecological disasters in our history? Worst than hearing and reading incessant accounts about BP’s failure to stop the crude oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is seeing the consequences of what roughly 91,000,000+ gallons  of oil has done to wildlife in the region – a sad reality that the press has only gotten limited access to and many of us can’t even begin to fathom.

Sometimes, the only way that we can deal with a tragedy of such far reaching magnitude is to vent our frustration via blog posts, tweets, or handy-dandy apps. Instant Oil Spill enables any pissed off greenie to express their outrage regarding this ongoing environmental nightmare by virtually contaminating any website with an oil spill of your own creation.

A Cleaner Future — whose sole purpose is to educate people about greener, safer renewable energy alternatives that can help to wean our society off of oil once and for all – conjured up this latest cyber distraction hoping that it incites us to speak up and make a real change in the world. They’ve even posted a slideshow detailing 10 Solutions To Minimize Oil Consumption for our consideration, but if you need more inspiration on how to personally make a difference, consider reading How You Can Actually Help With The Gulf Oil Spill (But Probably Won’t) or Taking Responsibility To Prevent Further Oil Spills.

Which begs the question — has this oil spill compelled you to make any personal lifestyle adjustments or do anything to aid cleanup efforts? Why or why not?

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