While any celebrity can quickly help a green organization gain a bit of recognition for campaigns and initiatives, it’s those actors and actresses that truly know what the hell they’re talking about that make all the difference.

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ted Danson, Pierce Brosnan, Daryl Hannah, and others are not only comfortable discussing the environment, but also seek out opportunities to do so. They’re the type of people you want drawing media to your cause, educating on the topics, and appealing for donations. For them, it’s more than just a PR slant.

Allow me to add Ellen Page, star of Juno and this summer’s Inception, to that group.

Granted, I’ve never met the 23-year-old, but based on interviews and media junkets, she seems to be deeply wrapped up in the environmental scene. Here’s why she’s worth watching:

In other words, she’s someone who cares about these issues — but also has a rising star with which to promote them.

Green orgs take note: Ellen Page may just be the famous face — with the intelligence to match — that your next campaign is looking for.

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  • ash

    I will love her movies even more now that I know she’s green!

  • http://www.yabookshelf.com/ Melissa

    Ellen Page has always been the one to watch in my opinion. Unlike some actors, she thinks for herself.

  • http://3edgesword.blogspot.com FACLC

    Wow, trendy elitist environmentalism AND a believer in the lies of David Suzuki! You’re right, she really is the perfect patsy.

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  • http://newmothertips.info Amy

    I have loved Ellen Page since I first saw her in Juno. And to know that she shares the same views I do, just makes me like her more.