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"Adopt" Bubbles The Chimp For $150

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Animal adoptions happen day in and day out, but ponying up a little cash to make the life of a chimpanzee somewhat more comfortable is almost like giving a family member a little something-something to help them out during a tough time. If you haven’t already heard, 99.4% of our genetic material is identical to that of chimps and as a result, many scientists believe that the human like creatures are in fact Homo troglodytes rather than from the Pan troglodyte genus. Beyond the shared genetic factor, chimpanzees possess an impressive intellectual capacity and a vast range of emotions that often mirror what we personally experience.

Care for the Wild International (CWI) is making $37.61 USD/year chimpanzee adoptions available – in fact, we previously reported that former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head (aka Rupert Giles) offered his support to one former circus chimp named Naika through their program. Here in the states, chimp sympathists can extend financial support to one extremely high profile creature in particular – Michael Jackson’s formerly beloved companion, Bubbles.

The now 26 year old, 180 pound creature with tell-tale greys marking his face has been residing at Florida’s Center For Great Apes and could feasibly live to the ripe old age of 60, which is likely why the facility is appealing to the public for help with his upkeep. Various sources claim that it costs between $15,000 – $17,000 to foot Bubbles’ yearly living expenses (including food, veterinary care, games/learning tools to keep him stimulated, heat, etc.), but for a modest $150 donation, the seemingly content creature will be able to live out his days amid the company of his best friend Sam and a small group of former chimp television and movie performers.

Visit the Center For Great Apes’ website for more information, whether you specifically want help Bubbles or you’d like to check out profiles on the rest of the ape residents and reach even deeper into your pocket. Just because his chimpanzee compadres weren’t part of the King of Pop’s entourage doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a little charity, too! You might also want to check out their jam-packed YouTube page which offers countless reminders of just how sweet, inquisitive and human-like apes really are 😉

Via AOL News

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  • Zanerz07

    I would love to have your lovely chimpanzee named Bubbles!! 🙂 it seems very lovely i have been wanting a monkey for a very long time and would treat it like its my brother or sister haha!!!! Please consider wating for me to see this wonderfull monkey, thankyou! Zane!

  • Zanerz7

    Hello I have seen a whole lot of pictures of bubbles!! I love him already he looks soo wonderful please condisder waiting for a responce to me i acnt wait to see him and hopfully buy this wonderful creature!!!

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