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It’s been clinically proven that our society lacks the skill sets necessary to make simple life choices on our own without relying on the assistance of iPhone applications, so a diverse crop of informational aids are continually available in the marketplace, averaging $1 and $2 a pop…and some are even free! Pouring over dusty old books in the library or asking a friend for help just doesn’t cut it anymore in our quest to obtain intellectual enlightenment.

The magic 8 ball providing us with all of the answers to life’s unending quandaries can be found in none other than the eenie weeny screen of an iPhone. For the green minded consumer, that means everything from the admittedly helpful Vegetarian Scanner and Greenpeace’s eco-aware paper products guide to PETA’s ‘Be Nice To Bunnies’ cruelty-free shopping aid.

Of the seemingly infinite electronic informational resources to choose from, celebrity chef Bryan Au’s wildly popular $2 Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals app has become the king of the crop. The enthusiastic proponent of raw cuisine (which is a truly carbon-neutral dietary solution) and author of ‘Raw In Ten Minutes’ offers a unique collection of 100+ raw, organic recipes along with easy to follow illustrated instructions for the eco-foodie in all of us. Additionally, those who submit questions to the chef via the ‘Bryan Live’ section of his app will actually receive responses straight from the man himself and on a weekly basis, fresh new recipes and videos will be added. Check out this hands-on tutorial of how to use Eco Chef for a better idea of how it works!

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  • Christy

    The raw food diet relies heavenly on tropical foods that are not grown locally for most people. So I would call it far from “carbon-neutral” though it can be if you shy away from those products and use only local, organic, seasonal produce from your surrounding area.

    Great app though!