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What does sustainable living and the Olympics have in common? 2 words: Stella. McCartney.

The notorious eco designer was recently named creative director for the British Olympic Team.  What exactly does that mean? Basically, Stella will be arranging all the gear for the athletes and also designing the fan wear.

Maybe we’re not making a big enough deal about this, because this is huge stuff! McCartney is the very first designer (EVER!) to be responsible for the athletic attire of an entire team — a feat Stella calls “an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

No word yet on her plans, however The Guardian recently made some predictions:

“Clues, however, might lurk in the previous creations of McCartney, who is known for her mannish tailoring, jumpsuits and light-as-air blouses – and her staunch refusal as a vegetarian to use animal products in her designs. If her Olympic designs are consistent, then Team GB should expect pared back minimal designs with simple discreet detailing.”

Here at the Razz, we’re all super excited by this news and can’t wait to see what she creates. Go, go, Stella!

  • Victoria Klein

    If he collection for the British team is ANYthing like her designs for Adidas, they are going to be the chicest team at the Olympics!

  • Irene

    As much as I adore all vegetarian celebs for their efforts in raising animal welfare awareness, I cannot help but think Stella is a bit hypocritical.
    She uses a lot of silk in her collections, and never does it mention organic or peace silks. She has the resources and access to make a truly organic range. She’s spoken in interviews about the use of conventional vs organic cotton. She uses organic cotton in some garments, so why not all? Her garments are expensive enough to incorporate the increased cost of organic textiles. Her decision to use non-vegan silk and conventional cotton makes me think its all about money. If she uses non eco fabrics just because of profits and convenience, she really cant be taken too seriously as a green celeb. You either go all the way, or you just deceive your customers, whether it is intentional or not.

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