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Earlier this year, Ecorazzi reported that Mike Tyson had gone vegan; 8 months later, we’re proud to say he’s still going strong.

In an interview with Details magazine, Tyson revealed, “It’s been eight months with this vegan stuff, but I get these explosions of energy. I don’t know how long they last, but they’re like explosions. So powerful.”

When asked if we would live the rest of his life without a candy bar, the fighter declared, “Maybe so. I’m pretty fucking extreme.”

“I ate, like, the tiniest piece of meat, and I woke up violently sick,” said Tyson. “It was vicious pain. I was throwing up. And I realized meat’s become a poison for me now.”

We’re excited to hear that Tyson’s committed to the cause, but, dude — you don’t have to say goodbye to candy bars! Check out Go Max Go — our all-time favorite vegan candy bar company. One bite and you’ll be hooked!

What do you think about Tyson’s new green diet? Leave a comment and let us know!

  • Claire Gosse

    It just goes to show you that even a big tough guy like Mike Tyson can stick to a vegan diet. Really it’s not that hard as long as you have self discipline.

  • Larry “Bud” Melman

    What a dork.

  • ASB

    I guess that fur hat is faux. You know, since he’s so extreme.

    • David

      First, that picture is many months old.

      Second, despite what many people on both sides believe, being vegan does not have to include anything but food choices. I know that statement will raise cries of alarm, but the fact remains that some people call themselves vegan simple because they don’t eat any animal products and they don’t carry that prohibition into the rest of their lives, or at least not into every aspect of their lives. Also when some people become vegans they don’t dispose of animal related objects like clothes, they may believe that destroying those items is potentially worse environmentally than continuing to use a servicable item.

      • Leliana

        Actually, yes, it does have to include abstaining from animal products outside food choices That’s what makes veganism different from vegetarianism. There is a reason “many” people think that.

        If you don’t eat animal products but wear leather, by the Vegan Society definition (you know, those people that sort of invented the term..), you’re not vegan. That doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person. It doesn’t mean we all hate you. It just means you’re not vegan. It’s pretty simple to abide by a very straight-forward definition of veganism.

        Veganism isn’t always the MORAL choice. Eating Earth Balance is morally contentious but it’s vegan. But tehre is distinctly VEGAN choice and NON-VEGAN choice. What you speak of is not vegan. It’s very simple.

      • Fallopia Tuba

        Calling yourself “vegan” if you’re only following a vegan diet is dishonest; you’re a “strict vegetarian,” maybe, but the true definition of “vegan” is “avoiding the use of animals for any reason.

        Granted, I still have some old leather shoes and boots I can’t part with, and I’ve seen my consciousness change in the nine years since I first gave up dairy. Plus, it’s pretty impossible to avoid the use of all animal products, ever, but the aim of a vegan is to try.

        I say, if Mike is on this path, more power to him and I’m with him all the way.

      • David

        Gee I must be psychic.

        You can define vegan however you want. But languages evolve and change. What Donald Watson meant in 1944 when he coined the word must be considered but over time definitions change and you can find many dictionaries that don’t follow his original meaning.

        Neither he nor anyone else ‘owns’ the word, so the definition accepted by language experts, which end up in dictionaries, is what matters not what anyone or any group wants.

      • robert m

        “but the true definition of “vegan” is “avoiding the use of animals for any reason.”

        that’s the definition i’m fond of, but included in that is the ownership of pets for our own companionship and amusement.

        how many vegans would get pissed off if i told them it was ultimately unethical to own pets?

        i own pets and am vegan, but i came to the conclusion that pet ownership is unethical after i already had them – i also still have leather shoes and a chair. When my current pets die, they won’t be replaced

      • aubrey

        Concerning pets- bringing “pets” into the world to keep as companions is one thing. But what about all of the domesticated compainion animals in shelters? They didn’t end up their through any fault of their own, so despite the fact that companion animal “ownership” is imo wrong, I am willing to house my dogs and cats because they are all either from a shelter or literally rescued by me. Living with saved their lives. Perhaps this is something to think about, as opposed to just saying all pet “ownership” is wrong and that you will never get another pet?

      • AR4Life

        Taking into consideration all of the homeless pets, I wouldn’t hold it against anyone for adopting an animal. In fact, I think it is the right thing to do.

    • christina brewer

      i am so proud of you Mike for sticking to what is right, and i love the tatoo it rocks!!

  • robert m

    my daughter just asked who mike tyson is, and i replied “a kind-hearted man”

    i’ve always liked mike – i don’t know why, but i think he’s kind of a socially created monster – more of a mirror of how messed up we are than how messed up he is

  • melissa

    I love Mike and always have, this decision he has made makes me so happy. I wish him all the best. I just saw recent pictures of him and he looks great. And yes Vegan is not just food choices, its life choices. No leather, suede, fur, silk, cashmere etc etc. Its not a hard life style, its the right life style.

  • mick C

    We could all learn a thing or two about the great man that is Mike Tyson.
    Certainly more than these other narcissistic celebs who are just green’ed out solely to boost their PR.

  • John

    Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist!!! He served three years in prison in ’92. Just because he’s a recent convert to veganism doesn’t make him a good guy.

  • Jason

    I guess eating someone’s ear is not considered eating meat? LMAO

  • erin elizabeth

    I was so saddened to see he lost his little girl because she died on their treadmill- playing with it when her mom was in the other room.

    It looks like he’s found peace and that’s important.

    I don’t judge him and only wish him the best.

    Definitions of vegan really get into semantics. Just good to see he’s happy and not eating animals seems to help him in his quest.

  • Deanotopia

    Go Mike! Talk about full steam in the direction of peace! yeehaa

  • Tia

    Dont need to eat ANY animal dead flesh to get protein. Neither to build up muscle mass!
    Its so wrong. We been tought wrong from birth.
    Meat rutten in your stomache and it take longer to digest.

    Fresh fruit and vegetables is the way to go!
    Get lean, better skin, happier, smarter, etc etc etc

    By using medicin for a disease, only prevents it for the moment.
    Eating natural unprocessed foods keep you away from doctor visits and save you money from buyng tons of medication and saving YEARS for you to live!

    So Tyson, YOU GO BOI!

    Get rid of all the toxins and sluggish and nasty waste you receive trough meat and milk products!!

    Eat right and you get right!

    Found all info on
    Its crazy how we think we are SO right but we been manipulated since birth!

    E V E R Y T H I N G is healable.
    Dont give up hope!
    Doctors say is uncurable and put you on drugs so you can get addicted to that shit and make you buy more medicin so THEY CAN MAKE MORE MONEY!

    I WISH MORE people know about this.
    It would be a happier world…a angrier world for the doctors and the medical world caus they would all be without work!

    So this sick government and world rather kill people by feeding us processed food ,chemicals and shit we can not even pronounce on the ingredients on the back of a package!

    OHHH so much I wanna write…but its up to you to belive me and to find out more facts!
    check it put!

  • Edy

    I think this is great news. So now we have one more people who we know who has become vegan and said out load that vegan is the way to go.

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