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What’s better than an almost naked Pamela Anderson? An almost naked Pamela Anderson raising awareness for a great cause!

The buxom beauty has teamed up with PETA once again to help get people thinking more about what they eat. As per usual, this ad has drawn tons of controversy and has even been banned in Montreal. Still, we’re absolutely crazy about it. Hello, nurse!

What do you think about Pam’s new ad? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • ash

    I love it, Pam is the best!!

  • coleena

    Love Pam, Love PETA… I’d get naked too if my body rocked as much as hers! :)

  • whitney

    I’d like it better if the designer used photoshop a teensy bit less.

  • yarrow

    Definitely a lot of photoshop! I agree. But it looks good.

  • Kyle Svendsen

    Another beautiful ad from PETA and Pamela! I like the earlier version of this ad with Traci Bingham too.

  • georgina0912

    Granted, she was airbrushed to the extreme and the hair looks really ‘shopped, but the girl has a rocking bod, and if she wants to use it to get attention to the plight of animals raised for food then all the power to her. I am with Coleena on this one, if i looked like that i would be all over the place doing ads to benefit animals.

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  • http://facebook carlos

    Why cant a normal woman be used to model? To have some fake body there is stupid because the other side will not take us serious.

  • clh

    Mmmmmm Pig, Chicken and Beef. Can’t stand Pamela Anderson….!

  • AreYouKiddinMe

    Oh sure… Just what I want representing MY food… a hepatitis-infected bimbo. PETA is bordering on desperate.

  • Anonymaeg

    oh lols .. are they really that desperate that they hire porn stars ? :b lol

    anyways .. i agree with clh on this one (:

  • Jose

    no girl in the world will ever make me quit meat chicken or fish… you vegitarians don’t know what your missing.

  • Umm.

    Wow, this ad really gets to me. I think I’ll try human meat if I can get my hands on it. It’s all the same, right?

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