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Back in March of 2009, the high-tech details of Pierce Brosnan’s new home construction in Malibu were leaked — and every single one was worthy of a former 007. Security system with pressure sensors in the flooring and infrared lights, blinds that rise at the touch of a button to reveal ocean views, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, home theater system, etc. Since Brosnan is also an environmental activist, there were also hints of the green this new home might embrace — but we could only wonder (and hope) they might be as prominent as the gadgets.

Damn — are they ever.

The UK Daily Mail scored the scoop on the new eco-friendly additions — and we may just be looking at one of the most high-tech green celebrity homes in America.

Not surprisingly, the source says that Pierce was involved in every aspect of the environmental additions to the home — and it looks like they may be moving in soon. The actor recently listed his previous Malibu property for $3.9 million.

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  • robert m

    i’d love to see a total carbon study on this monstrosity

    i’ll bet that the total carbon footprint of constructing this “eco” mansion will take 300 years to offset by all the eco gadetry built into the estate.

    300 years to break even is better than building a conventional mansion with zero eco thingies, but is 300 years to break even really what we need to be applauding??

    it’s the height of irony to build massive excess with the idea that it’s somehow also “green”

    “check out my 20,000 square foot mansion i just had built – it runs totally on solar energy – it uses as many solar panels as it takes to run a small town, but still – cool no?”

    • David

      I bet a conventional mansion of half the size would have done less damage to the environment and used less energy to run on a day to day basis.

      • robert m

        yep – it reminds me of many of the “green” remodeling things i see on hgtv – tear out perfectly good flooring to install “renewable” bamboo flooring or sell your perfectly good car to buy a prius

        what’s the carbon cost of manufacturing a whole new car??

        what’s the carbon savings of a prius?

        how many years does it take to even break even on that upgrade?

        (found my own answer:)
        a 1996 Mitsubishi Montero weighing in at 4,290 pounds used 135,542,980 Btus for construction. Which is much too cumbersome and abstract a number. Put a more digestible way, it took 1,850 gallons of gasoline to make the Montero.

        which (i think – using guessy math) if replaced by a prius would take only a couple years to break even

        but my point is that these are the things that we need to think about before we switch from consuming the whole planet to consuming the whole planet after everything has a “GREEN” stamp on it

  • RemyC

    You’re not thinking clearly… When all of civilization collapses, he will still have power. You’re confusing environmentalism with survivalism. Being green to the wealthy, is the ultimate in self-sufficiency and autonomy. Not collaboration or community. But one fuels the other. First adopters break the price point, so hopefully more can afford it. They’re still stars, they’re still better than we are, its the cult of Dionysus insulating itself from the barbarian hordes.