by Elizah Leigh
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Recognized the world over, Calvin Klein has been made an indelible mark on our culture as much for his minimalistic fashions and fragrances as for his controversial advertising campaigns featuring a 14 year old Brooke Shields alluding to her skivvie-free status and a washboard abs-tastic version of Mark Wahlberg (that ultimately paved the way for his current Hollywood success).

The iconic designer, whose stomping grounds have been on Long Island’s Southhampton for the better part of a decade, purchased a 50,000 square foot Gothic style mansion situated on 11 acres of ecologically fragile coastline for the ‘bargain price’ of $28.9 million back in 2003. Boasting extraordinary views of the ocean and Shinnecock Bay, Klein’s piece of prime real estate – which has long been likened to that of a one-of-a-kind castle (that Hampton area residents have had a love-hate relationship with) – is meeting a fate that some say isn’t in keeping with the designer’s vision of a cutting edge, lean green replacement.

Bankrolling his renovation with a special focus on repurposing as many of the salvageable construction materials as possible would have been ideal, but Klein is in the process of just razing the structure to the ground and erecting a far more modest eco-mansion in its place (if you consider 17,000 square feet actually ‘downsizing’). It can be challenging to be truly eco-responsible when your construction plans entail starting from scratch, (no matter how garish the old home might have been), however, rumor has it that the 67 year old intends to compensate by building a far more “eco-sensitive home surrounded only by natural vegetation” that embraces “a vision that is far beyond our time” and is “so pure in creativity.”


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    Too bad his products are tested on animals.