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Eco-Vegan Lifestyle Explored In Katie Holmes' New Film 'The Extra Man'

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The press seems to have Katie Holmes’ life with her couch hopping hubby a bit skewed — are we really supposed to believe their regular accounts of the actress being banished in an impossible to access ivory tower?!? It actually seems as though the highly scrutinized 31-year-old gets out and about quite often, whether she’s attending London’s National Movie Awards, presenting at the Tony Awards, shopping incessantly with her cherubic doppelganger Suri, filming the History Channel’s upcoming Kennedy miniseries or attending the premiere of her Sundance Film Festival debuted comedy, The Extra Man.

What makes The Extra Man worthy of Ecorazzi readers’ consideration is not just the solid cast consisting of Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly, but more importantly the interesting eco subplot involving Holmes (as dedicated vegan Mary Powell) and Paul Dano portraying her meat eating wanna be love interest Louis Ives. Both work at a green themed magazine and while Louis is hopeful that Mary will succumb to his charms, one film critic suggests that Mary’s “dogmatic vegan regimen hardly goes with Louis’ meat eating”, a challenge that real life environmentalists with distinctly different perspectives on animal derived dietary choices often encounter.  Ultimately, he sinks into an introverted state when she rebuffs his attempts and it is Klein‘s character who helps to bring him back into the world of the living (however flawed and bizarre it may be).

Described as an oddball comedy with a “gentile craziness”, the Jonathan Ames-inspired flick thoroughly fleshes out the relationship between would-be novelist Louis and Kevin Klein’s Henry Harrison. Louis is basically forced to live with Henry  in New York City following an incident with a ladies bra that boots him from his teaching position (resulting in him selling ad space at the same eco-mag that Mary works at). Despite seeming quiet and unassuming on the outside, Louis is a very complex fellow who “compulsively cross-dresses, keeps a running narration of his life in his head as though he were a character in a novel, and acts like a courtly gentlemen of the 1920s”. He certainly meets his match in the equally quirky Harrison who spends his evenings serving as a male escort for older, financially secure socialites (hence the “extra man” film title).

Whether you’re a fan of likable indie-style flicks featuring classic character actors like Klein and Reilly or you’re seriously committed to the green scene, be sure to catch The Extra Man when it hits theaters on Friday, July 30th. It’s rare to find any exploration of vegan beliefs on the big screen, so that in and of itself earns it bonus points, plus here’s a trailer to further pique your interest!

Via This Dish Is Vegetarian

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