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What’s the best way to drum up business for your parasailing operation? How about trying a donkey to the setup and flying it above a beachcrowd?

That was the idea of one Russian businessman in the Sea of Azov last week — much to the horror of everyone witnessing the act of cruelty. And it got much worse when the donkey started screaming, causing kids everywhere to start crying. According the Russian newspaper Taman, “The donkey landed in an atrocious manner: it was dragged several metres along the water, after which the animal was pulled out half-alive onto the shore.”

Awful. That business owner should be hung by his balls and sent up.

via Gawker

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  • Gary Ploski

    While watching the video I had a thought “Why are there so many people standing around watching this… No, not only watching, they were recording it on their hand held cameras/cell phones?”

    There are many issues with this campaign: the idea was put into motion, people watched it happen, people made it happen, people and donkey were scared and/or disturbed, the donkey nearly died, and it’s making the rounds on the Internet for even more people to see. Sigh.

    Epic… Fail… In so many ways.

    • David

      What were the people supposed to do? Run away screaming? Completely ignore it?

      The donkey was being towed by a boat so it isn’t like they could have intervened to stop it.

      • Gary Ploski

        The donkey was on the beach and the boat was stationary as the harness was put on it. If something seems wrong we break out our cameras and record it instead of doing something about it.

        Four words: Tank Man of Tiananmen Square

      • Gary Ploski

        Make that 5. Forgot to count ‘of’.

      • David

        Sorry. For some reason my computer won’t play the video here and the video they showed on my local news didn’t start until after the donkey was airborne.

  • georgina0912

    OMG, that poor creature. I wonder what kind of animal cruelty laws exist in Russia.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Oh c’mon now G… it’s a little bit funny, you have to admit. And as far as animal cruelty goes, this really doesn’t rate…

      Anyway, what is it with you Americanos and obsessing with the short comings of others? It’s not like you haven’t got some animal cruelty issues of your own. Seen Food Inc? Exposes cruelty on a vastly larger scale than that in The Cove, but there was no Oscar there. Afterall America-bashing is never going to be as fun as Japan-bashing now is it…?

      P.S There you go, a whole post without mentioning the fat man!

      • Livin Veg


        I think you’ll find AR activists in the USA are the first to say our country is not perfect. We treat animals terribly. And we act daily to try and make our country a better place for animals (and for all). But we are also allowed to look at other countries to and discuss other issues.

        As for Food Inc. vs The Cove, The Cove was just a better movie. Both have important content, but The Cove was a better film.

      • georgina0912

        You just made a reference to “him.” Is it love? Tell me!

        As the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense, that would count as animal cruelty. It would have been nice to have a decent vet document the state of the donkey before and after para-sailing. I am sure his heart rate went through the roof, which would indicate that he was scared and truly stressed. To be flying like that does not come natural for donkeys Kimi, there is absolutely no need for that.

        About Americanos…hmmm, i am not an American, i wasn’t born in the US, but like i have stated in previous posts (do a look-up for the bullfighting/Ricky Gervais one and recently the dolphin escaping the JAPANESE aquarium one) i do not condone animal cruelty in any way, shape, form, or country of origin. That would simply be hypocritical.

        Although i will give you that Americans do have a wicked love affair with eating animal corpse i am a vegan and as a vegan i do not partake in eating, consuming, or using anything that either comes from animals, was tested on animals, or contains animal ingredients.

        Lastly my dearest Kimi, how would you like to be strapped down and have someone make you do things to which you have not agreed to? I do not know about you but i would feel violated, and that is exactly what goes on with this donkey and animals in general around the world. For the sake of profit, entertainment, food, unnecessary chemical testing, and others, humans take it upon themselves to use animals, only because they cannot say no. Talk about bullies.

      • Ollis

        Do you wear clothes? I’m pretty sure that if you wear wool, cloth, etc. it’s from animals. If not, you’re probably wearing polyester/nylon of some sorts, which is harmful to the environment (made with chemicals…)

      • georgina0912

        Well, if you must know yes, i do wear clothes. My first choice is always cotton and i never wear silk or wool or anything that comes from animals. And your point was?

  • franklin




    • too funny

      If only donkeys could fly became a real phrase !!!

      • Bonnie

        You’re a bunch of fools, aren’t you? Get off this website, this place isn’t for you.

  • Whoever…

    Humans are beyond pathetic!!!

    Things like this one make me have no respect for human life whatsoever…

    What was the point of this ‘ad campaign’? Make even more money?
    Monsters like this asshole would pimp their own mother or children if that would make them some profit.

    And to think that there are still ignorant people who believe we are the superior and more intelligent species on the planet… yeah right!

    I say, eye for an eye!!!

    • Bonnie

      I am with you 100 per cent

  • wtf

    whats wrong with humanity!! ….why they always pick on animals, if they were so sure about that campaign why not use a human that is willing to do it, instead of an animal that has no idea. Hope this company shuts down, and russians do something about it.

  • Erin

    Just as factory farming saddens me so does this video. Also equally depressing are some of the people posting on this thread. I’d like to see how they do for about four days up in the air… Second thought make that five.

  • Linda Sullivan

    Ohh those people are sick. I hope they punish them the same way, same method they used to scare the donkey…

  • hannah

    disgusting. i hope that bloke gets the same treatment back at him. it’s sickening to see humans behaving like this.

  • Ron Drysie

    So what? It’s only a damned donkey… In RUSSIA! You hippies need to find more productive ways to occupy your time.

    • Khorah

      Yeah, unlike you TROLLS, who are doing such productive work…

  • Michelle

    I wonder how anyone can think that putting a donkey in a parasail is a “good idea”? Come on! Bunch of idiots!

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  • birdgherl

    I have seen humans both terrified and gravely injured while parasailing and they knew exactly what was happening and why. To imagine the sheer panic and this poor donkey was feeling makes me sick to my stomach.