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“The Obama administration should ensure that promoting wind finally gets priority over permitting more dirty fossil fuels. Congress must increase funding for research and development of offshore wind, provide stable tax and investment incentives, and create a predictable, practical regulatory structure. We need to take the lead in the growing offshore wind market.

Yes, all offshore wind projects need adequate environmental review. But many of the concerns that have been raised about offshore wind’s environmental impacts – including aesthetic and noise concerns — seem downright laughable compared to the millions of gallons of oil staining the Gulf of Mexico’s wildlife and economy and the impacts of fossil fuels in driving climate change and ocean acidification.

So send that message to Obama and Congress — join the more than 130,000 people who have signed Oceana’s petition to stop offshore drilling today.”

- Actor Ted Danson encouraging the Obama administration to get behind wind energy on The Huffington Post. The petition in question was started by Oceana — a charity Danson has worked closely with for many years. To learn more about the organization and sign their petition, visit  Or, to read Danson’s entire article, stop by

  • David

    And what do we do when the wind isn’t blowing? Or do we just build 10 to 20 times as much capacity as we need so that some of them are always generating?

  • heidi

    random side note: Danson played a megalomanic business tycoon in Damages that tries to rectify this image by supporting wind energy (the “Whirlwind Initiative”)