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Deep Sea Troubadour Soothes Savage Sharks With His Tunes (VIDEO)

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Some sing tender lullabies to their children, others croon heart-swelling tunes to their sweethearts while on bended knee, but no one (in their right mind, that is) has ever dared to eek out even one solitary note while in the company of a Great White Shark…unless you count screaming for your life as a form of musical expression. Leave that distinction to accomplished wildlife cinematographer Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, who will go down in infamy as being the only dude loopy enough to add ‘shark serenader’ to his list of life accomplishments.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine that the water pressure that the 33 year old’s cranium is repeatedly subjected to while he captures magical deep sea footage for the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet might have finally compromised his judgment, but whatever the case, Casagrande fancies himself a modern day deep sea troubadour for Selachimorpha. Brandishing a waterproof guitar, he’s filmed himself singing his self-penned (now classic) song “If I Was A Great White Shark, I Wouldn’t Bite You” at great ocean depths while sharks swoop by him…and no, he’s not relying on the security of a cage for bodily protection, either.

To understand the method to his madness, it helps to get a little back story. It turns out that Casagrande has been enchanted by Great Whites ever since he was a 7 year old boy eagerly watching National Geographic documentaries. Through his song and video, he hopes to “inspire protection, conservation, education and further research into the lives of these amazing animals. The lyrics are meant to give great white sharks a voice for their survival.”  Okay, now it all makes sense…I think. Check out his website for more information regarding what makes him tick and keep your fingers crossed that he enjoys the pleasure of life with all of his appendages intact for many many years to come!

Via Asylum

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