by Elizah Leigh
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Now that everyone has officially forgiven Kevin Costner for some of his greatest cinematic missteps (Waterworld, The Postman and Robin Hood…ohhhh, that accent), we’re finally focusing on what’s really important in life, the man and his legacy.  He will go down in history as being the white horse environmentalist who seemed to pop out of the woodwork, somehow giving us hope in spite of the massive tragedy of the BP oil spill.

We should all really be thankful that the actor made bank (and then some) during his gloriously overpaid silver screen heyday because that money is now going to work in the Gulf of Mexico. But wait…Costner has yet another eco-trick up his sleeve! The 55 year old has just unearthed a short 20 minute ‘cowboy’ themed satire made when he was a mere pup of 30, entitled “Bad Day.”

Available as a digital download on, those who are dying to see what it’s all about can offer a donation in whatever sum they can afford via credit card or Pay Pal. Here’s the cool part. A portion of the proceeds will ultimately be given “to Gulf Coast aid organizations that help both the environment and the people affected in the Gulf region”.

Featuring an unlikely cast of artsy characters such as John Doe from American punk band X, Chris Desjardins from The Flesh Eaters‘ and Costner himself, Bad Day should appeal to the left-of-center film buff or anyone who has a thing for artsy projects cobbled together by storied musicians and their right-brained compadres. Here’s the trailer…ooooo-eeeee, looks like a good one!

Via NY Press and Fire Dog Lake