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PETA is expanding its reach into global markets with a newly announced permanent base in the Middle East.

“[Animal rights] is a newer concept in the Middle East but people are talking about it and are asking questions and wanting to get involved which is really encouraging to see,” Ashley Fruno, PETA’s senior campaigner for the Middle East and Asia, told Arabian Business.

The animal rights org, which has 300 employees and more than 2 million members, is looking to base two permanent campaigners in the Gulf region. The hunt to find a Middle Eastern celebrity to help front initiatives is also underway.

Fruno said that PETA’s initial targets will be on continuing their global fight against KFC and their chicken policies — as well as focusing on the Dubai Zoo and the popular animal-trading Sharjah Market.

“I think the conditions of animals in most countries are appalling, but there were some big concerns in the UAE [and] strengthened animal welfare laws are always welcomed,” Fruno added.

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  • robert m

    Admirable move, but it makes me wonder. How do you promote animal rights in an area of the world where human rights are so low.

    I have this vision of PETA girls handing out flyers at public wife stonings.

  • http://globalanimal Ashleigh Burford

    Something defiantly needs to be done about animal rights in the UAE and very soon. I was walking near the Sharjah animal souk only a few days ago and found a group of young boys carrying a video camera and two roosters they had just purchased from there. I asked what their intensions were for these animals and they replied with fight, fight. For those of you concerned with the end outcome of these animals, I followed the children until they returned the birds to where they had bought them and then I made a very public point of explaining that animal cruelty is ‘haram’ (not prohibited as a Muslim). I would like to assume that the fight did not take place because many local on-lookers were also telling them to stop. What a national disgrace that young children know of and are capable of carrying our such a disgraceful practice. I support PETA UAE all the way.