by Michael dEstries
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A cool act of kindness happened yesterday on — the social networking site where you “vote” stories up or down to have them hit the main page. (If you’ve used it’s similar, but Reddit’s community IMHO is much better.)

Anyways, someone noticed that a dog named “Rambo” was less than 24 hours away from being euthanized at a pet shelter and posted the headline “I’m just a Pup but my time’s almost up… and I’m asking Reddit for help.

The story took off, hit the front page, and a huge discussion on saving shelter animals from an untimely end resulted not just in Rambo being adopted — but several other condemned animals as well. Said one commenter, “It’s times like these that restore my faith in humanity a little.”

Also cool — some members have created a subgroup on the site specifically dedicated to helping rescue both cats and dogs.

Sure, this but a small save in a sea of lives lost daily to overwhelmed pet shelters — but to a dog like Rambo, a little social networking made all the difference.

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  • imforthewhales

    Nice work. I have a shelter dog…one of the best dogs i have ever owned. I hope people head to their local shelter first before going to a breeder or a pet shop. They have friends for life there!

  • amber

    Thank to all the people at that made this happen and saved the lives of several dogs. Please – continue to adopt from your local shelter or rescue group. I volunteer at my local shelter and there are lots of loving dogs, cats, bunnies and the occasional hamster looking for a forever home. :-)