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While I’m not a huge fan of Hollywood’s shift towards 3D films, whatever Louie Psihoyos has up his sleeve might just convince me otherwise.

The Cove director recently shed some light on his next project — and instead of focusing on one species in peril, this one will run the gamut.

“We’re shooting a 3-D film whose working title is The Singing Planet,” Psihoyos told Momentum. “It’s a film about the mass extinction of wildlife caused by humanity – I think it’s the biggest story out there right now.”

Staying true to current events, Psihoyos confirmed that the film will shoot in the Gulf — as well as “Polynesia, all over the Pacific including Cocos and Galapagos, Europe and many places now being determined….”

The interview also covers in-depth the technology and cameras Psihoyos and his crew used while shooting The Cove; ending with a very funny story of the director’s chance meeting with Steven Spielberg.

About five years ago I was in the Caribbean on vacation and my son became friends with Steven Spielberg’s son. The director came over to the boat I was staying on and asked me what I did for living. I told him I was a still photographer thinking about getting into film – and asked him if he had any advice. From experience with directing Jaws, he told me, “Never make a movie involving boats or animals.”

Dolphins everywhere can be thankful that Psihoyos never took those words to heart.

Check out the full interview here.

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  • Antoinette Randall

    It is heriffic what man are capable of doing to the earth that they have been given to as a gift from God, i begg of you to please stop killing these dolphins so that my children and there childrens, childrens and as generation goes on can still see these beautiful creatures God has created, it is a gift please do not kill any more. There are many other ways to provide for your families and legal ways to, so sit and think about it is it realy worth it all, do you whant to be the person that tell there grandchildren, you know what i was one of those people that killed the dolpins in Japan. NO i dont think so, you would feel humilihated discusted for even to let people know that you where part of this, so i pray with you to please, please stop killing these unique animals.
    Thank you.
    Antoinette Randall