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Now that DirecTV intends to air two more seasons of the twisty-turny FX casualty Damages, the resuscitation of one of television’s most gripping, critically acclaimed and award winning legal dramas is finally official.  Made all the more riveting by Glenn Close’s utterly convincing portrayal of the dark, power-game wielding Patty Hewes, it’s quite a departure from how the five-time-nominated Oscar actress chooses to spend her time off the set.

When the camera stops rolling, the longtime dog lover swaps out her power suits for decidedly more comfy duds while working on her philanthropic canine-themed social networking/shopping site FetchDog, drumming up funds for Oceana or participating in the conservation-themed Mission Blue Voyage. The unabashed nature lover who attributes her respect for animals with her “connection to the natural world” has now tucked a new critter-friendly feather in her cap by writing the forward of a brand new report examining the status of 15 Species of Disappearing Wild Cats and Canids.

Due to “a multitude of threats, including loss of habitat, illegal hunting” and compromised “food source(s)”, Close explains that “human choices and the failure to see beyond our own immediate needs” both continue to be responsible for the disappearance of global wildlife species. Asserting that wild creatures are actually “ecosystem guardians,” she reminds us that their survival hinges solely on us and that we must embrace a global commitment by preserving and protecting their natural stomping grounds through the support of conservation groups such as the International Fund For Animal Welfare, Pathera and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Creating an indelible reputation as an onscreen rabbit-murdering psycho in Fatal Attraction hasn’t been easy to shake (hey, it even spawned a new term in our vocabulary..”bunny boiler“), but 23 years later, it’s safe to say that the 2010 Emmy nominated actress has finally shaken her bloody PETA-perturbing pop culture rep in favor of her current role as doyenne of all things eco. For more insight into her environmental perspective, take a look at the video below where Close discusses the notion of going green (beginning at the 2:44 mark).

Via Washington Examiner

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    “Creating an indelible reputation as an onscreen rabbit-murdering psycho in Fatal Attraction hasn’t been easy to shake …”

    You neglected to mention one of Glenn Close’s other passions: encouraging societal compassion and respect for those afflicted with mental illness. She started an organization called “Bring Change To Mind” ( which strives to erase the stigma millions of people face in a world where “psycho” is thrown about so casually and callously. Glenn’s sister and nephew both live with serious mental health issues and their daily struggle is something that she chooses to talk about openly and with love. The “bunnyboiler” in “Fatal Attraction” was indeed unbalanced, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be saddled with a childish nickname and made to be the butt of constant anti-woman jokes.