by Daelyn Fortney
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Last week a team from PETA unveiled a faux fur alternative to the bearskin caps worn by the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace. After years of development and undergoing rigorous water repellency tests the plastic-fiber prototype, designed by Stella McCartney, was presented to several Ministry of Defence officials.

“Historically, England has a very high regard for animals, so it makes perfect sense that the MoD should continue shedding ceremonial furs from uniforms,” said McCartney.

Unlike the traditional bearskin caps that have been worn by the Queen’s Guard for nearly two centuries, the proposed caps—called Bear28—are lighter, more breathable, and less expensive to produce.

After the meeting PETA reported, “The MoD officials were impressed by PETA UK’s prototype and have greenlighted further testing.”

  • David

    “…are lighter, more breathable, and less expensive to produce.”

    That is great and I really mean it. Have had to wear various traditional uniform items, most of which would make the Marquis de Sade proud, anything that is lighter and breathable in a military uniform is a big step forward.

    But why did they need Stella McCartney to design it? It is a hat and I doubt they are going to change the design or look, so all that was needed was to test the look, wearability and durability. More of an engineering/scientific issue than a design issue.

    Of course without the big celebrity name they wouldn’t get the same press and that is what it is really all about. Keep PETA’s name out there in the news so people remember they exist.

  • Nancy

    Curious why she says England “historically” has a “high regard for animals”. I am not saying England is worse than any other country in it’s “regard” for animals but “historically” England’s wolves and bears have been hunted to extinction. And I am not sure what has happened to fox hunting there but that used to be a cultural historical event. Her comment makes it sound as though England is somehow above other countries in their treatment of animals which to my recollection isn’t true.

  • Tegan

    That’s brilliant!

    This actually made my day, I always thought it was very outdated that they still use bear fur for the hats. And so needlessly cruel. I do like the traditional look though so I’m glad they can have faux ones that will look the same.

    Good one PETA!
    Oh and of course having Stella “design” it gives it more weight, because she’s famous it’s so much more likely they’ll adopt it than if someone unknown did it.

    Oh & by the way I always read ecorazzi even if I don’t usually comment. =3